just pics ..

on this overcast morning headed over to the beach.. not worth snapping on this dreary morning–another non-sunrise.. a few sprinkles at the Lake.. wet a line.. nada.. watched the Egret show me how to catch fish

no Gators in sight..Swans still around
at least no fog..plenty of ‘overcast’ looking toward the ocean

Dunkin’ for breakfast at the pond

still hungry
opened at night

closed in the daylight.. supposed to be opposite

and a lot more FOG..

heavier fog greeted me again as I drove over to the beach before yet another non-sunrise.. much heavier fog than yesterday–from the beach to the ICW to the Lake and back to the house.. took a lot longer to burn off than yesterday.. temps up to high 60′s so far.. sun trying to break thru

more SNOW for the northeast and NYC area.. LI already has 6″.. Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn has 4.5″ so far

here’s the totals so far up that way..  http://classic.wunderground.com/US/NY/078.html#PUB

panorama Foggy Beach Surf Pier

thick pea-soup fog

directions  in the fog

a foggy ICW at the bridge

two people talking near the golf course green

a lil’ FOG..

as I meandered on over to the beach this morning it was ‘pea-soup’ fog..  pretty quiet though as I was the only crazy on the beach right before the non-sunrise… took a few pics then back across the bridge to the lake with a stop at the ICW.. about an hour after sunrise the sun peaked thru the fog.. by 9am clear skies  temps got up to 67º this afternoon on a beautiful sunny day… I like this weather in the winter.. the forecast for rain showers all morning was a bust.. never happened..  yippee..

a foggy Calabash River

boat landing near bridge in fog at the ICW

an empty quiet beach in the fog

foggy and quiet except for the surf under here

where is the end of the Pier

a birdseye view heading to the bridge

baitfish around.. ya’ think

nice sunrise ..

but then the clouds moved in.. forecast is for possible rain the next few days but at least they are calling for temps in the low 60′s.. sure beats all that icy weather.. today it was 55º and overcast with a couple of showers this afternoon

high tide at the beach this morning

all three Pelicans with the same haircut

my truck stayed clean .. never left the garage in the ice

more freezing rain this evening..

after a bit of a respite from the ice today with just cloudy overcast skies at  ‘sweltering’ temps that reached 33º a change in the forecast for tonite–FREEZING RAIN ADVISORY in effect until midnite… just friggin’ wonderful… avariety of birds put on a show feeding outside our kitchen window today

Mister Squirrel patiently awaits his turn for breakfast
Wren chows down the Suet
Thrasher and a BlueBird
ice is melted away on the driveway and street