an Osprey swoop

okay.. forecast at 430am was for 41* with CLEAR skies.. not over the water it wasn’t.. clouds so no sunrise.. stopped on the way back at the Lake to ‘wet a line’.. no Eagle this morning.. saw an Osprey fly off his perch and head toward the Cormorant sitting in the Lake across from me.. dropped my rod and grabbed the camera.. right over the Cormorant he swooped in for some breakfast.. thought it was a Largemouth Bass at first — forked tail though.. after looking at the pics looks like a Bluerunner or some kind of Jack.. that golf course lake has a pipe that goes under the road and lets out into the saltwater Intracoastal Waterway just across the road.. so you get a mix of both freshwater and saltwater fish.. even blue crabs .. the Pelican joined in afterwards

the ‘swoop in’
Cormorant couldn’t believe it
up up and away

not a good sunrise—ugh


a pretty morning..

off to the beach.. then on to the lake on the drive home  … a Juvenile Bald Eagle pays a visit..a bit on the ‘kewl’ side but turned into a nice day mid 50’s and sunny

juvenile Bald Eagle at the Lake
Red- Winged Blackbird
Pelican flyover at the Lake

crazy reflections

many low clouds on the horizon spoiled any chance of a Sunrise this morning.. and  so the parking lot at the Gazebo was empty.. no peeps around..   along the causeway on the island I stopped and watched the colors in the clouds.. then the reflections in the backwaters and marsh..craziness..  stopped at the lake for more reflections

empty lot before the non-sunrise
reflections in the backwaters on the causeway
had to get my Avalanche in the mix
red winged blackbird at the lake
‘walking on water’.. incoming

sunrise and ‘deer in the headlites’

another pretty but ‘kewl’ early morning at the beach at 40th Street.. nice sunrise….then it was ‘deer in the headlights’.. as I was leaving the beach on the island just after sunrise this morning four of the ‘regulars’ decided to cross Main Street in front of me and traffic and walk over to the Dunes between the houses..

patience.. patience at sunrise.. all fogged in

as I crossed over the bridge to the island on my way to the beach this morning before Sunrise the light drizzle stopped.. all okay at the beach– no rain but plenty of Fog and lots of low clouds so it looked like little chance for seeing the Sun .. patience.. patience.. no one in the parking lot when I arrived.. another car pulled in as I walked over the dunes walkway.. Fog once again along the surf and beach with 47* ocean water vs 63* air temps .. about 10 minutes after the non-sunrise there it was popping thru the clouds–patience.. patience.. the other photog left as soon as he saw there was no sunrise.. he missed it…. a ‘short beachy foggy after sunrise video’ link click here  hay John.. and Luke.. a video  whoa !!!!

stopped at the Lake on the drive home.. decided to ‘wet a line’ now that the temps have been in the high 60’s the past couple of days and the thin ice cover has finally gone away on the lake.. got a couple of these lil’ Largemouth Bass hanging around.. catch and release of course.. water temps still at 47* in the lake and ocean.. rained this afternoon after a nice morning

a couple of lil’ Largemouth Bass –released

today.. and a week ago with Ice

a clash of temps at the beach

overnite cloud cover sure makes a difference ..already 60* this early morning before 5am.. and yop rain is in the forecast for the next couple of days.. actually turned into a nice sunny morning despite the rain forecast.. drizzled this afternoon as the clouds moved back in.. got up to 71* by the house.. I can live with it… the Sago Palms took a real hit with the unusually low air temps into the mid-teens last week.. they are browned out already.. have to cut them all back to the trunk   … 60* air temps this morning clashed with 47* ocean water temps at the beach–you get FOG..   I could really feel the difference as I walked on to the beach .. a world of haze and fog

clouds took over

way too many low dense clouds stopped the sunrise this early morning..  temps holding in the low 40’s..  temps up to 69* and sunny this afternoon..  strong Earthquake in the Western Caribbean  7.6 with 5 after-shocks so far ..  Tsunami Warnings were up and now have been discontinued..  hope all my friends out there cruising in the Caribbean and currently on the Veendam.. Amsterdam and Zuiderdam are safe and well…  probably more to follow in the next week or so the way it looks..

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a lit up sky

speaking of colorful.. the sky was lit up in colors this early morning before sunrise at the beach.. after the sun rose the colors started to fade…always grab it at least 20 minutes before the actual sunrise.. same-same for sunset but for 20 minutes after the sun sets will give the most color .. a lot better temps this morning 42*.. got up to a nice 64* and sunny this afternoon.. nice for January around here

Roses and Peruvian Lilies