c’mon.. thought this crapola was over

holy macaroni.. brrrrr before sunrise at the beach this morning.. 48*.. gotta be some kinda record for us..decided to wet a line in the surf.. nice water 72* just one lousy bump plugin’.. no one out there except a couple of dog-walkers..’tourons’ are hiding with these kewl temps.. got up to 77* this afternoon–sunny.. awaiting the heavy rains tomorrow morning.. an Anhinga sitting around by the Lake on the drive home..  looks out and sees a small Gator approaching.. and ‘beats feet’

another nice one

off to the beach at 40th Street..a few dog-walkers  with the beach mostly deserted on this Saturday morning.. thought for sure the ‘tourons’ would be in town–guess not.. a stop off on the drive home at the Lake.. Ospreys were at their regular nest

low clouds and a ‘pier stop’

saw Jim S’s truck in da’ Pier parking lot.. paid the buck to get out onto da’ Pier.. met up with Jim.. watched him catch mucho-many–well how about a few–sharks and a chopper-blue… turned into a nice 80*+ day –Sun is shining.. a couple of my Surf-Casting bottom rigs—an Abu 6500 Sports Rocket with a St Croix 10′ surf rod & an Avet SX in purple of course with a St Croix Mojo 10′ surf rod in Purple

back home.. and a Rainbow

after a sloggy crappy weather trip up to Brooklyn dropped off the Hertz Rental– we don’t take our vehicles up to Brooklyn–ya gotta be nutz..   headed back home and while still in North Myrtle Beach saw this rainbow appear after a short rain shower so I had to pull over into a parking lot to snap a couple of pics with the Note 4 phone.. #1 in Auto Standard-mode and #2 in Panorama-mode for a wider angle shot

Panorama wider angle using Note 4

listen to the rhythm..

of the falling rain…rain…rain.. left Brooklyn 1130am.. there is a 5 boro bike-athon going on in the rain and of course they have the lower level of the Verrazano Bridge shut down just to piss me off one last time..  arrrrgggghhhhh!!!