an orange ball

over to the beach before sunrise that is getting earlier and earlier these days– this is good ! 🙂🙂 .. on the drive home stopped at the lake and ‘wet a line’ .. 3 small doods.. make that Largemouth Bass–tiny doods..  catch and release of course.. all on a black spinner bait– any color as long as it’s black.. doesn’t take much to make me smile 🙂

‘orange ball’ rolling on da’ Pier
rolling over
flip- flop-in away.. found them near the surf
walking off  the beach
looking back along the Dunes walkway            


wet a line at the lake– 1 of 3 lil’ doods–catch and release




pretty Spring day

an early morning bank of low clouds blew out any chance of a sunrise today.. stopped at the Veterans Park at the ICW to ‘wet a line’.. nada.. fishin’ still suxx around here.. a stop at the Lake to check the trees and perches.. a few flowers in the yard.. turned into a nice sunny blue skies kinda day 74*

Veterans Park at the ICW
Woodstork on his perch at the Lake
and another
‘ bird on a wire’ .. what else
a lil’ color.. and a few more

a nice morning

back to more important things than following the POS-buffoon in the WH as he self-destructs.. I will have the last laugh– you can take that to the bank !!!!

and what’s more important is that it’s National Pretzel Day….
 National Pretzel Day info Link
early this morning at sunrise.. a bank of low clouds let the sun peak out beyond the Pier..

sun peaking out of the bank of low clouds
a busy sky with Planes leaving their mark
the beach at 615am–quiet as a mouse
someone’s ‘stash’– not mine
always the need for a lil’ color
eye to eye watching each other at the lake
local Shrimp Boat heading out to the ocean down the ICW

here comes the Sun…

ahhhhh..rain is outta here after 2 sloppy days.. a pretty early morning as I ‘wet a line’ along the ICW( Intracoastal Waterway ).. quiet as always this time of day.. enjoy life .. then it was off down to Myrtle Beach for some shopping..  a few more from today– a potpourri .. ..75* sunny with clouds moving in for a short time around the Myrtle Beach Airport across from the Mall.. was looking for the Navy Blue Angels practicing for their Air Show this weekend .. only saw one take off the opposite direction out over the ocean after an outrageous engine roar at the start of his takeoff– and straight up he went– where else– into the Wild Blue Yonder.. never saw another..

what a difference a day makes

at the Lake at least.. after heading on over to the beach before Sunrise stopped at the Lake to see what was going on and maybe wet a line.. couln’t fish yesterday with 8 Gators roaming in my area..  this morning there were none.. they all flred the coop.. a couple of light hits but no takers..

all the Gators from yesterday are gone

a beachy Sunrise.. a busy Lake..and a Charleston day trip

pretty early morning at the beach at Sunrise .. a stop at the Lake  8 Gators hanging around the King.. so decided the last minute to do one of our ‘day trips’ down to Charleston .. up to 83* and sunny… walked Rainbow Row & Battery & more pics.. some shopping time too of course.. a really nice day overall

BTW many pics in this post so I broke it into 3 parts as you can see by scrolling down .. AND just a reminder .. Click on any Pic to make it larger.. keep on clicking that or any Pic to go thru a Manual Slideshow if you care to

a busy lake with the most Gators I’ve seen there at one time 8 .. looks like Ali– the Big Guy– had called a meeting.. Ali as in Ali the Gator  🙂

 crossing over the Ravenel Bridge from Mt Pleasant into Charleston .. a lot more pics as we walked the town from Rainbow Row to Battery Park thru the historic streets

low clouds and a C-17

low clouds blew out the sunrise this morning… off to Costco and the Mall in Myrtle Beach.. snapped a couple of shots of an Air Force C-17 Cargo Jet doing practice take offs and landings just across the way from the Mall at the Myrtle Beach Airport.. BIG they are