almost a sunrise..

headed over to the beach as per my usual before sunrise… many clouds and fog/haze but there was a slim chance the sun might show up.. it did  but not for long.. a rainy morning followed ..sunny afternoon.. the temps have been in the low to mid 80’s as our Fall season starts

Panorama using the Note 4
an eerie peek
anyone claim these

online with the PierCam
the drive home
what else ..enuff already, already

chairs and tables.. of a different kind

while on our cruises we’ve been given small gifts from staff members who we have sailed with on a number of occasions over the years on Holland America cruise line.. these particular ones are from the beverage and wine staff.. they are made from the wire and top-caps  that hold the cork in the bottle

the top of the Umbrella is made from the  metal round seal from a can of peanuts.. it rests on a wooden beverage stirrer that sits in a plastic cork screw top..

a Holland America Cruise Line tile with chairs and a table.. and another table and chair

‘birds on a railing’

as I walked off the beach this early morning after a non-sunrise I had some ‘followers’ lurking behind me as I turned around–the local Grackles..they are looking for the person who usually feeds them who was a no-show today.. the Southern Kingfish Assn had their annual ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ King Mac Tournament based out of North Myrtle Beach’s  Harbourgate Marina thru Little River Inlet.. about 150 boats participated.. many raced northward along the beach and passed me by while I was near the Sunset Beach Pier this morning just after the non-sunrise–a wild and crazy sight

quiet is quiet..

and so it is.. ‘great googlee-mooglee’ to quote  a very KIND man and Captain from AC–Captain no one around this early morning as I got to the beach a half hour before Sunrise.. two local dog-walkers showed up.. they all ‘got gone’–‘tourons’ that is– as they say in the local parlance..

‘just like I like it….ahhhhhh.. nice and quiet’  .. and quiet makes me smile— with a favorite group   Chicago Make Me Smile video

Crepuscular sun-rays before Sunrise
Reflections at Sunrise
cloud cuts into the Sunrise
EMPTY is EMPTY–look close–almost– he flies
quiet makes me smile
Sunrise across the Dunes
Dunes walkway looking toward the Ocean

Deer ran in front of my truck North Shore Drive

Osprey at the Lake

too good to last..soooo

..the humidity is back in the early mornings..75* temps..nice day for a sunrise though…still quiet ..ahhhh..  at least we know the BIG Fish are back on da’ Pier with Jim S catching a ‘big juan’–Black Drum 5#–3oz.. way to go Jim.. nicely done.. and he gets TOP BILLING on here today.. a few more BBIF’s–‘Big Bird In Flight’— pics at the airport this afternoon..yop–more shopping at the nearby Mall

Jim S with a 5# 3oz Black Drum

quieter.. and quieter.. ahhhhhhhh

a nice breeze before the Sunrise hour as I meandered onto the beach down at 40th street this early morning.. low low tide so I left the surf rod in my truck….  a few local dog-walkers and that was it.. what a difference a few days make.. ‘they’ are gone

before Sunrise
clouds in a different show

popping thru the low clouds
speckled clouds
looking West toward Little River Inlet
Pampas Grass on the Dunes