‘kewler’ but still a pretty early morning

in the high 40’s before sunrise at the beach.. stopped at the lake on the drive home to try my luck and wet a line for a few minutes.. actually had 2 hits on a Yami Worm–no hookups .. mid 60’s thru the afternoon as we spent the day on our regular Sunday shopping trip down to Myrtle.. a nice pleasant day

a rose at the water’s edge

Calabash river before Sunrise
wetting a line at the lake

a foggy sunrise

just the right amount of fog to add to a nice sunrise with the temps finally getting a boost to ‘human levels’.. 50* on this early morning.. it sure beats the 19* of the other day..

sun reflections on houses

online with the PierCam

checking out da’ Pier parking lot

saying Hi

whew.. cold but no white stuff

luckily dodged the winter storm yesterday.. not a flake fell here in s/e NC along the coast… 22* this early Sunday morning at sunrise… brrrrrrrrrr.. warmed up to a hot steaming 32* this afternoon with sunny blue clear skies.. more of the same low temps tonite  down to 19* thru early tomorrow morning.. 2 more days of this b.s. then some better mid to high 60’s temps will be back with us for the next 2 weeks.. even Orlando was at 35* as was Ft Lauderdale at 48* this morning..this suxxxxxxx

NO white stuff on the ground– this is GOOD

a lil’ bit of Sun

it was a drive over to the ICW near the Sunset Beach Bridge this early morning at Sunrise.. ‘kewl’ temps at 30* and no wind which made it bearable.. forecast up to 60* and sunny for the rest of today on this last day of 2016

the drive south..back home

left Brooklyn at 1030am for the drive south towards home..  thought it would be much more crowded but except for a couple of slow downs on the NJ Turnpike all was good.. home at 1015pm..

Sheepshead Bay–bye bye

Belt Pkwy at Verrazano Bridge– ‘Fuhgeddaboudit’

Rt 1 Delaware
Potomac’s Nice Bridge Maryland to Virginia

Merry Christmas

hope all my family and friends have a very Merry Christmas on this very special day … up early and off to Church for 930am Christmas Mass at St Mark’s church here in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.. church was beautifully decorated for the Christmas holiday.. Pat created a super Italian traditional meal-raviolis- at Cuzzin Mary’s house here in Brooklyn

a sunrise walk to the ‘Bay’

that’s ‘Sheepshead Bay’ as it is known to us old-timers who lived nearby in Coney Island and hung around here in the 50’s & 60’s..just a short walk over to the fishing boat docks along Emmons Ave.  Swans galore..Pigeons too of course..gulls all over..  the Brooklyn..Ranger & Amberjack still fixtures among all the regular boats..saw just one fishing charter the Rockfish heading out with 2 aboard looking to hookup on some late season Stripers.. stopped at Emmons Bagels as per my usual–monster size Brooklyn ol’fashion Bagels..  all pics taken with my Note 4 phone

heading north..yikes

left the house and on the road at 530am.. traffic overall-a friggin’ zoo–I’ll just leave it at that..passed by good ol’ Ft Lee outside Petersburg, Va on I-295 off 95.. some good memories there back in late 1966 before shipping out.. got to the Verrazano and was welcomed by stopped dead traffic on the Belt Pkwy– so what else is new.. 3 days-14 hrs and I’m outta here .. just saying a BIG HELLO to Howie & Phyllis 🙂

Ft Lee exit
James River Bridge east of Richmond
Verrazano Bridge to Brooklyn