Tortola..Oct 31..Happy Halloween

arrived in Tortola, BVI this early beautiful morning..walked around Roadtown…  86*.. sunny and HEAT


day at sea ….Oct 30

a short detour at 5am this early morning for a med-evac passenger at Grand Turk island … we were underway pretty quickly.. a beautiful sunny 82* day at sea..around noon some inconsiderate passenger decides to mount his HAM radio antenna right in front of me at the railing.. what a buffoon!!!!

Maasdam cruise roundtrip from Ft Lauderdale to Europe day one.. at sea Oct 28 2011

..start of our 45 day cruise  roundtrip from Ft lauderdale to  Europe..  we started our adventure with our friends Denise and Tom in our drive down to Ft Lauderdale in our packed to the brim rental van… we boarded our favorite Holland America ship, the Maasdam… met old friends onboard including Capt Henk Draper and his lovely wife Cassie… Juul and Jan Gehrman… and many members of the ships staff from previous cruises …a perfect sailaway thru Port Everglades Inlet… set our course southeast bound toward our first port of call Tortola after 2 days at sea…we should arrive there early Monday morning

another pretty morning

headed down to Sunset Beach surf to wet a line…..passed by this group of munchers on the way to the beach at North Shore Drive.. their usual hangout….

.. didn’t have any cut bait so used some old Gulp grubs I had along with Shrimp fish-bites… the Gulp got hit a few times.. no hookups though…  another pretty morning.. walkers were few… 

left there and headed on over to the ICW.. saw a couple of friends.. Becky and Betty.. fishing Becky’s new pretty boat.. a very nice rig… another early season ‘snowbird’ makes its way down the Intracoastal  to warmer weather …no bites for me…

another ‘kewl’ 47* early morning at sunrise in s/e NC today.. headed down to the surf .. not much doing…  pretty sunrise though.. a couple of net boats .. and a shrimper a bit further out… left the surf and headed to the ICW ..caught a couple of lizardfish on a gold spoon.. catch and release of course like I always do..

a bit of a chill..

was a bit ‘kewler’ at 48* early this morning as I left the house and headed on over to wet a line at the ICW in Sunset Beach.. had to shelve the shorts for long pants today….same result — as the fish didn’t care the waters were ‘kewling down’ some from the HEAT of the summer–water temps down to 70*.. stopped on by the Lake on the way home.. nada… not even a bump… pretty morning though.. NO wind..

do fish get wet…

..fishermen do… tried ye olde theory ‘fish bite better in the rain’.. maybe in  the drizzle but not a downpour.. was at Oyster Bay Golf Lake this early non-sunrise rainy morning.. not a hit..  I waited for ‘someone’ to join me but no where to be found….    as I was about to leave it stopped raining.. nice..

a foggy early morning ..doing a lil’ fishin’..

headed on down to Sunset Beach(NC) surf before Sunrise to do a lil’ surf fishing.. the fog rolled in on either side of me.. not many walkers today.. and not many fish to catch either.. stopped on by a few other non-fishy places.. at the nearby ICW and the local golf lake with the same results.. zippo…  headed home but first stopped by the opposite side of the Calabash River overlooking the docks downtown..