Day 11.. Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Land HO!.. arrived Tenerife, Canary Islands,Spain at 8am… cloudy day.. a sprinkle or two started the day off as forecast… was here last year so decided to do a Gardens of the Valley tour bringing us on to the North side of the island..  visited the Botanical Gardens..  Orchid Gardens and Risco Gardens….the winds on the North side of the island were up and blowing ‘big time’  30mph+ with higher gusts…  clouds unfortunately stayed around the entire morning which was a bit disappointing for picture-taking… a final stop down along the North Coast for about 20 minutes to see the raging surf… a very enjoyable tour.. great tour guide, Mary… back to the ship by 130pm..


Day at Sea

another pretty day at sea sun shining  until a few minutes ago when some clouds moved in as we left our spot on the rear of the Navigation Deck…  Captain advised on his daily ‘voice from the bridge’  of rain in the forecast tomorrow as we head into our next port— Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain..
check out my ‘spiked hair’

Day at Sea

lots of clouds for most of the day with the sun peeking out every now and then.. still 77* so it was back on the Navigation Deck to get some ‘rays’..

was invited to the Pinnacle restaurant on formal nite by our friends Jan and Juul …the Chief Engineer of the Maasdam… the Hotel Manager James Deering stopped by our table for an after dinner drink…  Juul..and Jan .. will be retiring next week and leaving the ship in Barcelona to go back home to Holland ..  we will miss seeing them onboard in future cruises..super nice folks..

after dinner we stopped by the ’empty casino’… quite a difference on this year’s Europe cruise compared to last years when the casino was quite busy

tomorrow will be our last ‘day at sea’ before arriving in Tenerife, Canary islands(Spain) early Tuesday morning..

Day 8…day at Sea had to be..after 7 great weather days a storm that was actually behind and following us early this morning caught up to us… winds picked up to 28 mph… rain and nasty skies most of the day until 2pm when the ship’s clock was moved 1 hour ahead as we continue our we all went out on the Navigation deck for about an hour of sunshine…  we are now 3 hours ahead of East Coast time.. we heard about hurricane Sandy ..hope all is well back home

Day 5…day at Sea

our 2nd day at sea since leaving St Maarten..  wildlife so far …flying fish and 1 lone Gannet bird who stayed with us all day long  ….  we’re well south of the ‘normal’ shipping lanes on a heading of 75* ENE to get to the Canaries..still flat smooth seas with light winds…  the Captain announced there is a tropical depression about 500 miles east of us and hopefully shouldn’t affect our course.. a pretty day today..plenty of sun…saw one Whale…some of the crew had a special Sea-Rescue certification class at the Seaview pool this morning

got an invite tonite’s formal dinner at the Hotel Manager’s table

Day 4.. day at sea

left St Maarten yesterday at 5pm..started the Atlantic crossing .. next port is Tenerife Canary Islands, Spain… 2650 miles to go..clocks went forward 1 hour today.. ship decided to do it at 2pm–mid day ..  seas were flat like glass thruout most of the day.. and still are..  crazy nice..

Day 3… St Maarten–a big day

today we’re celebrating our 40th Anniversary…  arrive on St Maarten at 8am..looks like it’ll be just a walk-around shopping -touron kinda day as we get ready to cross the ‘big pond’ with 7 days at sea to reach our next stop after St Maarten in the Canary Islands, Spain…

Day 2 ..a quiet day at sea

another QUIET Day at Sea… Sunrise behind a dark cloud.. then one of three 5-10 minute rain squalls today produced the best Rainbow so far.. a double at 8am..  went to the 8pm show.. a comedian Jeff Niese.. pretty funny guy.. awaiting ‘midnite boofay’ as I  first went back to the cabin trying to find out the problem with my older netbook laptop and why it got a hiccup charging this afternoon..okay now though.. shoulda bought the new one like i intended to at Costco last week..oh well