Day 41…Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

we arrived at the anchorage just off Half Moon Cay at 8am and were onboard the first tender onto the island…partly cloudy skies greeted us to a Rainbow as we walked along the beach towards our favorite spot… the skies quickly cleared and  temps got up to the low 80’s as we spent a wonderful day on this pretty island with friends friends ruth..Fran and Bill…80* water temps made for a great day in the water also..the ship’s staff manned the BBQ pit  for a great outdoors lunch…. as always when the time came to leave around 145pm and ride the tender back to the ship  we were a bit gloomy as this island is truly a mini-paradise…    upon leaving the anchorage near 3pm the ship made it’s final turn northward on our journey back to Ft Lauderdale  and the end of our cruise..  the skies opened up with a rain squall as we passed by the eastern shore of Eleuthera island … we said goodbyes to our favorite Dining Room Steward Ambara  and other staff at dinner in the dining room

with our friend Capt Jolly the island’s charter Captain..


Day at sea

it was one more day at sea before our stop at Half Moon Cay tomorrow….started off with a pretty sunrise skies and 81* temps all day with light it was out onto the Navigation deck-aft all day..  a special Seafood ‘Boofay’ lunch was setup around the Lido pool deck area.. very similar to last years on this cruise…plenty of large Jumbo-shrimp…mussels..king crab legs…grilled lobster tails..whole lobsters…cold lobster tails.. all you care to eat…oink..oink..piggy..piggy… looks like we won’t be looking to have lobster for a while..burp..burp…  great spread..very nicely done….

our friend Ruth checking out the lobsters and crab legs



Day at sea

a cloudy non-sunrise gave way to partly sunny skies until noon with a rain squall passing thru creating a nice ‘reach out and almost touch it’ rainbow on the starboard side aft… after the rain the sun popped back out for the remainder of the afternoon so it was on the Navigation Deck-aft  for us.. tonite was the last formal nite of the ten formal nites on this 42 day cruise  with more lobster lobster lobster…it sure went by fast …

Day 38…day at sea

yet another beautiful day with  calm seas….sunny blue skies and 79* as we make our way closer to Half moon Cay, Bahamas…just a relaxing day sitting poolside on the Navigation Deck-aft doing what I do best… tonite the Philipino staff put on their show and as always a lot of fun ..

Day at sea

…after today we have three more days at sea before arriving in Half moon Cay, Bahamas on Thursday morning…a beautiful sunny day with temps at 79*….so it was back on the Navigation Deck-aft for some more ‘rays’…  the casino hostess was nice enuff to send us along with our friends Fran and Bill to the Pinnacle for dinner tonite…very nice…’if it’s free it’sfor me’…  some time spent in the casino afterwards ..the ship cancelled the Chocolate Desert Extravaganza supposedly because the seas were too rough… a lame excuse.. ..

Day at sea

started off before sunrise with heavy rain squalls that lasted until about 9am…  we had a Mariner cocktail party which we attended.. afterwards it was a Mariner Luncheon which Pat went to with our friend Ruth…  I went outside and did what I do best.. on the Navigation Deck-aft.. Mariner Luncheons are not my favorite event..I’d rather eat lunch in the Lido boofay…  the sun stayed out the rest of the day with now calm flat seas reminiscent of last year’s crossing… a special Heritage Dinner theme tonite in the dining room with entres from Indonesia and the Philippines as specialties.. some were hot hot hot.. and very good

Day at sea

started off as a partly cloudy day at sunrise…  the sun broke thru and it was onto the Navigation Deck-aft to get some ‘rays’ as the temps got up to 75* thruout most of the day with sunny skies…  another formal nite–Black and White Dinner–  with lobster  as the highlite..  five more sea days and we’ll be at our next to last port of call–Half Moon Cay, Bahamas as the cruise is winding down…back to three hours difference in time from back home…  still meeting some ‘strange-eccentric’ people onboard .. this might even top last year’s group for odd-ducks 🙂 🙂

Day 34..Happy Thanxgiving …day at sea

a very Happy Thanxgiving to all on our first full day at sea as we begin our transatlantic crossing … partly cloudy skies earlier in the morning gave way to mostly sunny blue skies from mid-morning on ..the winds were up and building  and the Captain in his daily briefing mentioned even stronger winds for the overnite as the ship altered course more to the south  as compared to last year’s crossing ..went to the Indonesian Crew Show at 11pm in the main showroom tonite.. as always they put on a great show and are very talented…  a super-fun show to be at..

Day 33..Funchal Madeira 2

temps in the low 70’s with some early morning clouds changing to blue skies in late morning…we took a ship’s tour this morning heading up to a beautiful high location Eira Do Serrado at over 3000 feet high…temps dropped down to 51* as we walked up to the peak … on the way down we stopped at the highlite of the tour for us in the small village of Monte and the ‘sleigh ride’ down the streets and halfway down the mountain.. we did it last year and it is still a hoot…    Funchal Sleigh Ride video
 …. a short stop in Funchal near the local Mercado-market and it was back to the ship for an early afternoon sailaway as we sailed along the southern coast of Madeira and the beginning of our 7 day transatlantic crossing for our next port Half Moon Cay, Bahamas…..Madeira has become one of our favorite islands to visit..

Day 32.. Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

we arrived in this beautiful island of Madeira,Portugal at the port of Funchal it’s capital city….. having been here on last year’s cruise we had planned ahead  and decided to take the Hop On – Hop Off bus tour and do the two routes across the southern part of the island and over to the village of camera de lobos.. what a view… we completed our tour and decided to go the the mercado9 Market)  where we walked around and sampled some fruits and roasted nuts…  after leaving the mercado we hop on the bus and took it two stops into the downtown Rambla area..  we had lunch at an outdoor cafe  using the free wifi and listening to a local live quartet …  a nice lunch with of course a capuccino topped off the visit as it began to drizzle…  after walking around the town we hopped a taxi ride back to the ship…  later after having dinner on the ship we tried to go back downtown but the rains came down out of the mountains and curtailed our plans…  we stay here overnite and have a ship’s tour planned for always is the case ship’s interet super-slow so limited on the pics posted..