back home…ahhhhhhhhhh

after a hectic Christmas Holiday week in Brooklyn and on Long Island with relatives.. along with the cold wintry weather of the Northeast… it’s nice to be back home in quiet southeastern North Carolina with temps in the 50’s..

today…a day of shopping down in Myrtle Beach as we do each Sunday with the first stop at Costco ..

Tommy’s front yard Ronkonkoma


the day after..Sheepshead Bay

I ‘stood in bed’ until 6am..decided even with temps at 28* to venture out for my usual morning walk down to the ‘Bay’..yowsa it was cold..just not used to this anymore after having been outta the NY area for more than 22 years…
bizness as usual after the Christmas holiday yesterday as it’s hustle bustle back to w*rk for everyone around here…a zoo
walked down to the Sheepshead Bay Road shopping area..first time I walked thru the area in well over 30 sure ain’t the same..most stores were still being w*rked on after October’s big storm—Sandy…  construction debris seemed to be everywhere..especially up and down the residential streets piled high..

headed out east to Ronkonkoma again..BIL Tommy’s birthday..we took him out to a late lunch to Good Steer..then a ‘birfday’ cake back at his house..started  to sleet/snow heavy at times so decided to leave for the drive  back to Brooklyn earlier than planned..luckily it changed to rain..a 1hr drive took an hour and 40 minutes..what a fun place:(

Good Steer matchbook
Brooklyn Parking Meter Receipt.. a new look in parking meters
Tommy’s Birthday..Good Steer
Pat and Peter

Gina and Thomas
Santa and Friends arrived at Good Steer

Tommy blowing out the candles at home

Tommy the photog.. and Betty at good Steer

Christmas Eve..I’m dreamin’ of a..

and the beat goes on…quiet day of rest yesterday–Sunday..headed out from Sheepshead Bay,Brooklyn  to my BIL’s in Ronkonkoma for Christmas Eve dinner.. BIL’s Christmas tree

..and it still goes on tomorrow out east to Bohemia to my nephews for Christmas din din..and again on Wednesday..phew..I’m tired just thinking about it already..

BTW..rain/SNOW showers  this evening..a  lil’ bit of the white stuff on the cars

I need a cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


drove up to Brooklyn on Thursday to visit relatives for the Christmas holidays..crowded..traffic..and friggin’ COLD weather…..not for me anymore..better to live with memories from the old neighborhood..I’ll just leave it at that

drove out  to Long Island to my BIL’s yesterday…. Belt Parkway still under massive reconstruction as it has been for the past 30+ years..snow flurries..37* temps..winds blasting at 30mph…who woulda thunk it…stopped by Costco in Bohemia..picked up some good NY Pizza and a couple of heroes at Mama Lombardi’s in Holbrook…  got back to Brooklyn at 930pm..phew..a long freezin’cold dreary dayl

I should do what the sign is telling me..scram outta here!

Rudolph ..and friends

Ho Ho Ho…  went out this chilly morning..   45º temps.. over to Sunset Beach island for some Sunrise and Pier pics…. after leaving the beach crossed over toward North Shore Drive and these guys (girls actually) decided to casually walk in front of my truck.. all 9 of them… I pulled around the corner and there they were in their usual hangout next to and around the two story condos.. a couple of deer walked up to me as I exited the truck..  so I continued to snap away.. not a person around..  

guess they are getting ready for their ‘big trip’ with the Jolly ol’ Guy next week

right across the street at 27th and North Shore Drive  there was a Reindeer display in the front yard..

stopped by across the Bridge at the ICW to wet a line for a half hour or so.. nada.. ran into my buddy, the resident Blue Heron at the ICW Boat Ramp..  the sun warmed up nicely .. another pretty December day that reached 65º

Sunrise on Sunset beach

Sunrise at Sunset Beach Pier

Sunrise under Sunset Beach Pier

a lil’ bit of foam.. not Budweiser  🙂
Dunes at the PierHouse

all traffic stopped
are they kidding me.. look across the street
a total of 9 were having their breakfast

Hay Howard I found them for your Sleigh-ride next week

Blue Heron between the slats of the ICW Boat Ramp

resident Blue Heron .. he’s a regular

a pretty December day

another great day ..66º sunny all day…getting spoiled with weather like this for December.. especially since we’re driving northbound to the NYC area–Brooklyn and Long Island– this Thursday for the Christmas Holidays to be with family and friends for only a week as that’s about all I can take of that ‘northern tundra’ these days..  forecast is showing high temps in the mid-30’s during the day…brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… not nice    … counting the days

a panorama..Sunrise at  Sunset Beach, NC

it’s yucky outside today

NOT a nice day for fishin’..that’s for sure.. didn’t even venture out as I usually do every morning at sunrise to ‘wet a line’..  the weather of the past few days turned uglee… 50º temps.. actually below Decembers average temps… overcast skies followed by rain showers the rest of the day… and the winds got stronger as the day got longer… actually the temp dropped down to 48º in mid afternoon…  not nice.. not even worthy of a pic

an early morning ride down to the beach

to try and catch the sunrise.. low clouds spoiled the sun popping up from the horizon..I waited around and snapped some pics on a pretty 60º morning.. left the beach and stopped by Oyster Bay Lake to ‘wet a line’ without success.. lake water temp was 60º also ..

found a plastic shark-toy lying on the beach

doing a lil’ early morning fishin’…in the fog

set out from the house on a dreary heavy foggy morning before sunrise.. headed down to the ICW a few miles away  to fish for Speckled Trout at Sunset Beach Park and on the small pier at the boat ramp under the Sunset Beach Bridge.. met up with a ‘buddy’ who tagged along from fishin’ spot to fishin’ spot.. no catches for either of us.. foggy conditions stayed around all day not like yesterday when it burnt off early and turned into a beautiful day…as you can see.. still shorts and t-shirts for me