picked up a new one today

my better half  picked up her new 2013 Traverse LTZ today.. Tungsten Metallic with ebony/mojave interior.. a nice lookin ‘sweet ride’.. has all the bells and whistles  this time around..  a lot better than her last Traverse..  this one is a ‘kewl ride’.. 


it’s pretty again

a ‘kewler’ early morning than I like but with lil’ wind a start of a beautiful day… at the lake once again ..only caught one Largemouth Bass today.. at least they are getting a bit bigger.. no ‘regulars’ swimming up to me today as the ‘kewler’ 50º air temps kept them sleeping-in..thankfully..

from a distance away I thought I saw the Eagle land but it was the resident Osprey that landed on the Eagle’s perching-spot.. looks like the pair of Eagles have moved on this season as they are normally here from February thru May at the Lake.. no sign at all of them this year

Osprey in Eagle’s perch
Largemouth Bass at the Lake

Cormorant hanging out
snowbirds heading ‘northbound’ on the Intracoastal Waterway(ICW)
annual migration of ‘snowbirds’

back at the Lake

a pretty morning thankfully after yesterday’s uglee dreary ‘kewl’ day…  conditions improved.. no wind and a nice sunrise over the ICW made the difference..  caught two bass once again at the Lake in the same area as  yesterday.. catch and release after a couple of quick pics.. the catching stopped right away as one of the ‘regulars’ swam over toward the action.. hay I can take a hint..  the warm sun stayed out all day with the temps getting up to 71º.. a nice day..finally

‘kewler’ temps still around

as I ventured out to the lake  before the non-sunrise this early AM.. wet a line and caught two ‘small and smaller’ Largemouth Bass(LMB).. as always catch and release…  not much activity among the ‘regulars’.. no sign of Ali and the gators.. wind howling at 15+ out of the North.. a short 45 minute stay and I was outta there..