the beach..and da’ Pier

another early morning at Sunrise as I got to 40th street in plenty of time  to make the long walk over the dunes to get to the beach and surf…  great weather…  still low low tide.. plenty of bait in the surf.. maybe I’ll wet a line in the surf tomorrow……left the beach and decided to take a walk on da’ Pier–my old hangout…  with my 60d at the ready I met up with Tom and Wade at the very end pluggin’ away… the Blues and Spaniards were in.. small ones… the rods were bending..

with no fish to take home I decided to have a different kinda ‘Brooklyn-style’ lunch–a Fried Bologna ‘sammich’.. it’s at the very end of the pics.. fried up nice and crispy with some ‘deli-mustard’  yummy..good stuff.. hadn’t had one in over 25 years..or more

Sunrise over the dunes
greeted onto the beach by this wuff-wuff
Wade and Tom pluggin at the end of da’ Pier
the ‘Gotcha’ got’em
plenty of large ‘rays’ hanging around the end
a Spaniard
a professional Spaniard catcher
can only fish on the end..water way too low
a very familiar ‘friend’
 still up on the board
can’t get lost up here
late blooming Gardenia amongst the Roses
Fried Bologna( that’s pronounced baloney) in the pan
Fried Bologna in a ‘sammich’–Brooklyn style

just a few pics

tried fishing at the lake this morning.. sloppy grass all over… no hits..

it’s low alright..

hardly any water under da’ Pier this early morning… what a difference a few years make when I used to fish up there daily — 16 years worth.. and mostly at the low end.. oh well..

mouth of Calabash River

low low tide

Ghost Crab

memorial to a ‘turtle watcher’

a quiet day..

a nice uncrowded morning in the surf.. not a bite but an enjoyable sunrise… passed by the of three who posed for me.. stopped by Costco yesterday and picked up my new smartphone.. Samsung Galaxy S4.. neat phone..lots of bells and whistles..enjoy the flowers..

overcast at the lake

with a dreary looking morning I opted to try my fishin’ luck at the local golf course lake. rather than head over to the beach and surf-fish… no hits no catches today…  maybe this guy had something to do with the lack of fish in the area as he headed out from under his nightly bedding down area..

very stealthy Gator coming out from under a bushy tree

 time for a dive.. bubbles and all

 an Anhinga drying off his wings

 a lone WoodStork high-steppin- on a branch above the lake

in the Surf at Sunrise

decided to go pluggin’ in the  surf  down at 40th street on Sunset Beach before Sunrise this morning.. clear skies and 70º so it was looking good.. first a few pics.. then wet a line for about 45 minutes.. not a bump…using a Lamiglas 9′ surf rod with a Penn Battle 3000 spinning reel and a weighted Krocodile chrome spoon with a bucktail.. sounds good but not in this uglee dirty water..usually the way it is most of the summer months here

40th Street Dunes walkway toward the beach

a day in Charleston

on this pretty morning decided the last minute to take a drive down to Charleston for the day.. only 100 miles away down Rt 17 ..a short 2+ hour ride and we were there.. temps were in the low to mid 80’s so it was a perfect day to walk down to the Rainbow Row homes along the waters edge as well as the Battery Park historic district..   the big question for you cruise lovers out there.. ‘where the heck was the Maasdam and Ambara’  🙂

after our picture-taking walk we decided to have lunch at the Charleston Crab House.. this time heading down to Wappoo Creek and the Crab House we have been to many times in the past…it’s just a stones throw’s 15 minute ride crossing the Ashley River-City Marina area  just south of Charleston’s downtown…  the choice was right as it did not disappoint… a super large soft shelled crab sandwich was great as usual…  it seems that the Wappoo Creek location serves a better lunch than the downtown restaurant of the same name..much prettier sitting by the waters of the ICW also…

it was then off to Costco and a few other shopping stops to walk off the lunch before we headed home by early evening.. a nice day as usual in a great City–Charleston–one of our favorite places to spend the day

entering Charleston crossing the new Ravenel bridge from Mt Pleasant

Charleston Bay ..a look from the Battery

the end of Rainbow Row

Battery Park

a free meal

#2 Meeting Street Inn– a famous landmark B&B

Confederate-White Jasmine vines

 a different perspective.. from the ground up onto a porch of an old house

looking out onto the Intracoastal Watery (ICW)-Wappoo Creek

Charleston Crab House soft-shelled crab ‘sammich’ .. yummy good

a Print on the wall Charleston Crab House

leaving the City

heading back home

a dreary windy morning at the beach

after stopping by the lake to do a lil’ fishin’ I left there after 15 minutes with just one bump with a hookup but no catches .. the winds picked up a bit so decided to head on over to see what the surf looked like…  winds were blasting from the South at 15-20mph with a slight drizzle every now and then.. not a nice day to surf fish.. so I didn’t.. met Tom as he pulled into the Pier lot..

 pretty flowers at How Sweet It Is on a gloomy day

the old Sunset Beach Swing Bridge .. now open for tours

appropriate–for as many times it had broken down over the years

not nice skies at the lake

birds were out there and happy

surf was up and sloppy

new walkway at the Gazebo area

‘crowded’ at the beach

with these Sandpipers that is…they were up/down the surfline all over the beach… must be good pickings with lots of small bait and tiny crabs ….only one or two couples walking at Sunrise–610 am…  the tide was a bit too low for me to do any ‘surf-fishin’

Sandpipers galore.. all over the surf line

Sunrise at Sunset Beach

looking west(south) on Sunset Beach

Rip Current warning sign

Dunes at Sunrise