just out for a ‘look’ after a non-sunrise

decided not to fish this morning…went out early just to check out the ICW ..  a few pics

a local Shrimp Boat cruisin’ down the ICW

looks like they are getting ready for some ‘wildflowers’


early morning at the ICW Sunset Beach

too windy to head to the beach and the surf this morning.. decided to try the ICW at the Sunset Beach Bridge.. plugged a curly-tailed worm on a jighead.. zippo..nada.. no bites… and a few flowers from in front of the house

just a reminder.. as always just click on any pic to make it larger

down to the beach.. and back

left the fishin’ gear in the truck.. took a walk to the surf and checked out the ‘quiet’.. spotted this old Johnson 70hp motor at Johnny’s Boat Repair on the drive home  we went down to Myrtle Beach for our weekly Sunday shopping jaunt.. snapped a few pics of the local  Myrtle Beach Helicopter Rides and thee ‘orange stick-man’ dancin’ to the beat out in front of the helicopter ride building on 21st Avenue

they are still building the ‘bird-watching’ platform at the Lake

a ‘vintage’ Johnson 70hp motor

Helicopter rides in Myrtle Beach

back to the surf.. and thee truck

on another pretty morning ..70º and a beautiful sunrise.. no bites again…welcome to Sunset Beach !!  time for a few pics of my 2008 Chevy Avalanche.. sure looks good even after all these years…… and yop.. I can do my magic and ‘jump out of my reflection’..just because I want to!!

it’s like ‘magic’.. jumping out of my reflection

down to the beach.. I had enuff of the gators..

…at the lake yesterday morning… I figure what could happen in the surf… a shark or two…  🙂
a nice Sunrise on a pleasant morning as I ‘wet a line’ in the surf  as I plugged away with no takers.. they are just not cooperating.. water temps up to 80º already.. seems kinda early but then again ‘o-fish-ally’ summer begins in less than a week.. somebody I know up in Atlantic City is catching all the flounder so why would they be here.. right Bob!

it’s feeding time.. almost

got over to the lake before sunrise .. decided to stop at the smaller pond right next door first to see how the water looked.. I saw this Blue Heron hiding at the water’s edge under a large bush… as I pulled up slowly before getting too close to him I stopped and almost exited my truck.. a 6 foot gator was on the bank about 10 feet away from me trying to sneak up on the Heron… hearing me he quickly moved into the water and swam off to the left..  I got out of the truck with camera in hand and snapped some pics of the Heron… as luck would have it a second larger 8 foot gator swam over toward the Heron  from the right side… today must have been feeding time.. the Heron saw the gator and quickly ‘beat feet’ and flew away .. the gator swam out  towards the middle of the pond then back again toward me… I guess he was not happy with me…. gotta watch those early morning encounters when it’s feeding time.. the way I see it the Blue Heron owes me an ‘early morning  donut’  for the ‘heads-up’