by the pier at Sunset Beach

no fishing so I walked the beach..


surf ..beach..lake

before the non-Sunrise I went down to the surf near the Sunset Beach Pier..then on over to the lake with a Gator showing up on the bank…a gloomy morning turned into a nice sunny day starting around noon-time

Sunrise at Sunset Beach

Common Gallinule

Gator at Oyster Bay Lake

Great White Egret

Osprey in nest

another windy early morning at the beach

the winds were stronger than yesterday .. WSW at 20-25 with churned up ruff surf and dirty water again.. the water just doesn’t seem to want to clear up.. so no surf fishing again this morning…

Calabash River before Sunrise

Sunrise at Sunset beach

Gull with breakfast


20-25mph WSW winds

Woodstorks  at Oyster Bay Lake

a pleasant early morning

out to the beach before Sunrise once again..wind was up out of the southwest making for uglee-dirty water in the surf so didn’t ‘wet a line’ like I had intended to.. many tourists along with the dog walkers were out on the beach.. sure is a lot different in this the tourist season

another pair of abandoned shoes

Turtle-nest  markers