looking good..

a nice morning with temps at 69* but the wind was still.. not a breeze… I tried ‘wetting a line’ in the surf.. the only thing biting were the ‘bugs’ until the light NE breeze picked up to 5 mph…gotta have that wind…  didn’t have my favorite camera the Canon 60d with me along with the 15-85 lens.. they were sent  off to Canon for cleaning so I had to go to ‘Plan B’ and use my old Canon S5… just not the same.. have to put up with a backup for the next week… tomorrow I’ll give my even older Canon Xsi backup DSLR a try with the 18-200 lens


nice morning at the beach

..and I even caught a couple of decent  Bluefish in the surf..actually ‘in the suds’… better sizes than they had been..  nice to feel something stronger pulling at the other end of the line.. thank you NE winds

made me smile.. all catch and release

a few ‘dog walkers’

waving Hi in the dunes

a ‘regular’ on the dunes

all lined up in a row

Woodstorks on the Tee Box

Woodstork right above me

Great White Egret dunkin’ for a fish

made her smile

a few pics

went down to the surf at Sunset Beach.. saw that the low clouds would be blocking out the Sunrise and the wind was blowing a bit too strong out of the West so passed on any surf-fishing this morning.. just grabbed the camera for a few snaps..saw the ‘regulars’–three deer on the burm … on the drive back home stopped by Ocean Harbor Drive and saw one gal feeding along the road..with high heels on  🙂

Sunrise surf panorama  Galaxy S4 phone
Sea Turtle nest

Pampas Grass on the dunes

two Deer on the burm

a female Deer out for a walk in High Heels

the crowds have almost gone for the season

as school started in both NC and SC this past week… one more heavy crowded holiday weekend for Labor Day and it should be quiet until next June..  caught some more small Bluefish in the surf.. on crippled herring plugs.. all catch and release of course..

Catchin’ the rays..
Casting to the moon
small Bluefish in the surf on crippled herring plugs
doesn’t take much to make me smile.. catch and release of course
Crocs in the surf
waving Hi
a resident Anhinga at oyster bay Lake
Dining Needles love my Truck’s antenna

feeding time

some deer…some birds at the beach.. and the I-Tal-Yun connection at the house..  Pat along with our friend Tom decided to try making homemade Pasta and Ravioli while Denise and I just stayed out of the way…. they did real well.. superb…. ‘molto bene’.. thatsa’ nice.. a feast… great tasting and better than the Pasta  and Raviolis in a box that’s for sure…that along with some homemade ‘Sunday gravy’ with meatballs ..sausage and chicken along with an appetizer of some baked stuffed artichokes… the four of us ate very well tonite  🙂

my pics

Denise’s pics

back down to the beach

how can anyone not want to be at the beach in the early morning before sunrise..peaceful.. few people..relaxing… beautiful..after the surf decided to go up onto da’ Pier to visit with friends Tom and Jim who were fishing up there… BTW  didn’t see any fish being pulled in