a sunrise beam of light

enjoying the beach with this unusual sunrise


a nice Sunrise

at Sunset beach once again catching small Bluefish.. ALL catch and release of course

wow..what’s up with the wind

was only supposed to be blowing SW at 10.. got down to 40th street on the beach and SW at 20+.. didn’t even take my rod out of the truck..not nice although a walk on the beach did me good….  tried my old Canon Xsi with the 18-200 lens.. the old DSLR just is not gonna cut it…can’t handle the higher ISO for early morning low level lighting.. waiting for my 60d to come back from Canon after cleaning.. can’t get here fast enuff  🙂

not a pretty morning..

lots of low cloud cover so no sunrise ..the beach had a bunch of people waiting and were disappointed on this busy crowded Labor Day holiday weekend… never saw the beach that busy at the 40th street end so early…they were like ants.. all over the place…  tried out my older backup Canon Xsi  DSLR with the 18-200 lens.. it did okay on this dreary morning.. wet a line for about half a dozen throws plugging…had to get outta there ..way too many tourists

big bad cloud.. not looking good

 launching their Kayak

heading back over the bridge

ICW from atop the bridge

Sea Tow’s life vest loaners

Great White Egret looking for breakfast at the lake