Day At Sea

so far so good with temps at 80* and sunny all day.. an occasional 5 minute rain shower didn’t even move me out of my chair at the Seaview Pool Navigation Deck-aft…  a nice dinner followed by Bernie Fields the harmonica virtuoso…. we’ve seen him before.. he sure wasn’t Johnny Puleo and the Harmonicats playing a harmonica in a tux..some classical music too.. 


Day at Sea

the start of our 2600 mile TransAtlantic crossing as we left St Maarten yesterday afternoon for our next destination– Tenerife Canary Islands-Spain..  82* temps with sunny skies once again made for a great day sitting by the pool reading on my Kindle and ‘getting the rays’..tonite is formal nite in the Dining room with a 5 star Mariner party to follow

St Maarten

the ship arrived at 7am at the pilot station for St Maarten… a nice breeze greeted us on a sunny 85* day… we  took the short water taxi from the cruise port across to the downtown area of Philippsburg. .  walked the downtown area for a while then it was onto the beach and a nice swim in the clear warm waters..  a lil’bit more shopping then back across on the water taxi.. walked around the cruise port shops and back onto the ship for a late lunch..   after we leave here this afternoon at 5pm it’s across the big ocean  for 6 days to Tenerife, Canary Islands-Spain for our next port .. hopefully good weather and calm seas like we’ve had on  this cruise the  two prior years will prevail…

ship’s satellite internet connection as always horrendously slow..

San Juan, Puerto Rico

our first landfall since leaving Ft Lauderdale…having been here many times before  we decided to just take the free tram  and tour Old San Juan with Tom and Denise.. we met our friends Fran and Bill and Charlie and Joanne along the way.. and met them.. and met them  in different parts of the city… funny stuff..  it was a beautiful day with temps in the high 80’s ..sunny with a nice breeze which made for a pleasant tour thruout the day.. a stop at the Sheraton Casino across the the cruise docks to get the free wifi and catchup with some emails..  we had dinner in the dining room as per our usual..  a Beach Boys revue in the showroom that we had seen before but was pretty darn good… sounds of summer…our next port of call–St Maarten tomorrow morning

will try to keep on posting pics until ship’s satellite internet is no longer usable… atrociously slow.. and getting worse..

Day at Sea

continuing our journey on a SE course toward San Juan we were off the coast of the Dominican Republic all day… another non-sunrise with low lying clouds this AM..just as we got settled in on the Navigation Deck-aft near the pool a torrential downpour had us scrambling for last about 20 minutes.. the sun came back out for the rest of the day so it was a nice day overall getting the ‘rays’ out on deck..tomorrow San Juan arrival at 7am

Day at Sea

overcast skies made for a not so nice non-sunrise as there were only two of us picture-takers up this early on deck…  clouds continued until the sun broke thru mid morning.. ahhhh the sun… sat out on the Navigation deck by the Seaview pool.. not too many sun worshippers around… it was nice and quiet…  a nice formal dinner in the dining room with Tom Denise Fran Bill and their friends Charlie and Joanne…  some of us went to the Beatles show in the showroom.. I passed on my NOT so favorite group… that theme continued in the Crows Nest with Name That Tune Trivia..ugh…

internet connection is horrendously SLOW  onboard–as per the usual so may not be able to post many pics from onboard the ship