Day at Sea

day #3 at sea heading westbound across the ‘big pond’… sunny skies once again with 77* temps made for another day at poolside..   a rainbow here and there off in the distance.. the winds picked up around 3pm


Day at Sea

our 2nd day at sea on the Trans-Atlantic crossing back to the ‘real world’..a cloudy morning again turned into a beautiful sunny 70* day at noon-time…so it was the pool area for the afternoon.. we were invited to the Captain’s table for dinner in the dining room…a great table with really nice fun people…  followed by the Officer’s Black and White Ball in the showroom..put your dancing shoes on!!!

Day at Sea

after leaving Funchal yesterday afternoon we start our 7 day Trans-Atlantic crossing toward our next port–Half Moon Cay Bahamas–Holland America’s private island..hard to believe this cruise is almost at an end… after a very rainy overnite the skies cleared up mid-morning to sun sun sun in the mid 60’s.. so out to the pool deck I went..  a nice quiet day at sea

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

arrived here at 8am…we’ve been to Funchal on two previous cruises for overnite stays which were great.. this time only here for the day which is unfortunate as it is one of our favorite island places to visit.. our tour brought us up to the top of the mountain..Eiro Do Serrado.. for some spectacular views of Funchal and the coastline..some tasting of the Island’s Cherry Brandy….of course we had to do the Sleigh Ride in the Village of Monte on the way back down to the city… a classic …and what a hoot.. a fun time… at the end of the tour we had a sample of Madeira wine then had some free time to walk over to the Market…. and finally the tour bus dropped us off downtown Funchal where we decided to have a lunch in an outdoor cafe–the Ritz..same as we did last year… we topped it off with our last Gelato of this cruise…then walked a couple of streets down to the ship’s bus shuttle and rode back to the ship…  a great day as always on this spectacular and pretty island

Day at Sea

a day at sea today on our way across to Funchal, Madeira with a nice sunrise… and the temps warmed up to the mid 60’s with plenty of sunshine and clear skies..  a perfect day to sit outside on the Navigation Deck aft by the Seaview Pool and get some ‘rays’… that lasted until 230pm when the temps started to drop with the light clouds hiding the sun… a pleasant day all around..

Casablanca, Morocco

having been in Casablanca on two previous occasions we decided to just take the shuttle bus into town to walk around rather than opt for a tour…my take on it remains the same about Morocco.NOT on my favorites list ..leave it for Boagy…. wish we would have bypassed it.. stayed downtown for about an hour then back to the ship for lunch… the seven of us ate dinner at the Pinnacle restaurant  and as always a delightful delicious dinner..  left port at 9pm for our next port of call..Funchal, Madeira, Portugal—- an island  about 475 miles off the coast of Africa and another one of our favorite ports.. we arrive there on Wednesday early AM..

Cadiz, Spain

arrived at 7am on schedule after smooth seas overnite but with something unexpected to greet us— bone-chilling neck popping 41* temps.. as I went up on deck to view the sunrise it was C-O-L-D.. unheard of low temps compared to the past two cruises here in Oct of 2011 and 2012… this is NUTZ!!!.. clear skies saved the day as the group of seven ventured out to see the seaside town at around 930am…one of our favorite cities in Spain.. decided to do the Hop On Hop Off bus once again.. still too ‘kewl’to stay on the uncovered second level of the bus so we sat downstairs… on the second go round we got off at the Main Center Square and the Cathedral for some walking and a few pastries on this Sunday morning with most stores closed… the street vendors were out and selling their goods.. made for a fun day as the sun finally warmed up and temps got up to the low 60’s….  

Gibraltar, UK

arrived at 1130am.. a pretty sight as we rounded the tip looking at the Rock with Algeria-Morocco and the African continent just 15 miles away across the Straits…..since we’ve been here 2x before we decided to just walk around the town ..had lunch in a fish & chips place…  just greasy English- battered fish and french fries… overpriced too ..walked the long Ramblas and streets in town then as it started to drizzle took the long walk back to the ship..

Cartagena, Spain

arrived at 7am ..decided to first do a short bus tour around the city..afterwards walked the Ramblas in the middle of town with all the shops and stores..plenty of photo ops..first time here for us..liked the city a lot

Day at Sea

continuing our westerly crossing of the Meditteranean Sea from Palermo to Cartegena, Spain a continued bumpy ride with high seas and 25 kt winds .. lots of stormy weather to our north is affecting the area..  just a quiet day at sea..