more freezing rain this evening..

after a bit of a respite from the ice today with just cloudy overcast skies at  ‘sweltering’ temps that reached 33º a change in the forecast for tonite–FREEZING RAIN ADVISORY in effect until midnite… just friggin’ wonderful… avariety of birds put on a show feeding outside our kitchen window today

Mister Squirrel patiently awaits his turn for breakfast
Wren chows down the Suet
Thrasher and a BlueBird
ice is melted away on the driveway and street


ice.. this just ain’t right

ice might be good in a Pina Colada.. or a Margarita .. but on the ground in front of our house.. nope.. ain’t right…..the entire south is in a deep freeze with snow and severe ice conditions on the roadways.. sleet started falling last evening.. continued with some light smow  followed by more sleet thuout the nite..  still sleeting off/on this morning..with more in the forecast  Icy roads –at a standstill in Atlanta
more on the Ice Storm in the South here Weather Underground Blog-South Driving Conditions

at 11am the sun just peeked out for a lil’ while from behind the overcast skies.. so it’s just waiting it out for it to melt as the temps remain in the mid 20’s today with wind chills in the low teens.. I suspect more sleet for today the way it looks

BTW.. am I dreaming all of this.. maybe I’m still living back up north in NY on Long Island.. a bad dream

an Oil Painting
ICY–the house and the street panorama

before daybreak

no one around this early ..  no sunrise either

9am and it’s still the same..and deserted

where is everyone

I guess it’s pretty

like the Energizer keeps going..and going..and going

Yellow Rumped Warbler on the Suet are back In January as usual
looking out our kitchen window seeing snow today
getting slicker.. but starting to melt at noon

today so far.. looks like a weather day

out at 7am.. no beach today…. over to Little River Post Office to drop off some mail.. as I was leaving the house a mix of sleet/rain.. lasted for about a half hour if that… no slippery roads..  looks like the ice storm we were supposed to get in the forecast bypassed us to the east and stayed offshore and is hitting the Outer Banks this afternoon ..
Outer Banks WebCams  

unfortunately another much larger storm is headed up our way from Texas and the southwest..mostly snow …expected to get blasted later today..

freezing rain started falling early this evening… right now we are getting freezing rain/sleet mix with just about everything covered in ice  trees.. bushes.. plants.. should be a real mess by early morning..  

not looking good at 530pm
freezing rain started 430pm
this sure doesn’t look good

so far nuttin’
‘at the ready’

some more early morning pics.. could there be SNOW on the way

49º this morning so had to go to the beach… they are forecasting snow and sleet starting tomorrow afternoon thru Wednesday… hard to believe..  63º this afternoon and sunny


.. Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from 5 am Tuesday to
6 PM EST Wednesday…

* locations… southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South

* Hazard types… freezing rain and sleet… ending as snow late
Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

* Accumulations… the highest freezing rain amounts… around half
an inch… should occur along the coast south of Wilmington
including the Myrtle Beach area. Large accumulations of
sleet… perhaps more than half an inch… may occur as well.
Precipitation will end as snow late Tuesday night into Wednesday
morning… with an additional 1 to 2 inches of accumulation on
top of the ice.

Storm total accumulations of sleet and snow could reach 4 to 6
inches across interior southeastern North Carolina away from the
coast… with 2 to 4 inches elsewhere.

* Timing… a wintry mix will begin as early as daybreak Tuesday.
The heaviest precipitation is expected late Tuesday afternoon
through Tuesday night. Light snow may linger along the coast
into Wednesday afternoon.

* Winds… north 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph.

* Temperatures… in the upper 20s… falling to the low 20s
Tuesday night. Wind chills will fall to around 10 degrees
Tuesday night.

* Impacts… very dangerous travel is expected to develop as roads
become snow or ice covered. Bridges will be icy and extremely
hazardous. There may be lengthy power interruptions due to snow
and ice accumulation on power lines… and as winds gust up to 30
mph during the height of the storm. The weight of the ice may
also bring down tree limbs or topple whole trees. Ice storms are
very rare for coastal north or South Carolina… and this appears
to be an historic event unfolding.


Sunrise panorama Sunset Beach surf via cell phone

couple at Sunrise on Sunset Beach

getting crowded at the Lake–Pelicans

Great Egret

sweet 16º ..degrees that is :(

not making me any happier as this cold blast of arctic air continues..unheard of low temps down this way… I went over to the beach to catch the Sunrise anyway… low low tide with  only two other ‘crazies’ walking their dog.. as they left I was the only one on the beach.. no crowds..perfect beach weather  🙂  it was out to dinner at our favorite China Boofay in Myrtle Beach tonite with Tom and Denise.. back to our house for some Mexican Train Dominoes… yop..I played Dominoes tonite.. wooo wooo

what a way to start my day.. not nice

warming up..19º

on top of the bridge
at the beach

lone dog walkers leaving the beach

just me and the birds at Sunrise

nice and quiet

low low tide

all alone in the parking lot

at the ICW boat landing

ice at the Lake

and next door at the pond

ice at the ICW bend on 179

is this crazy or what???

and getting worse…more brrrrr…

crazy as it may seem.. I went down to the beach this morning for a couple of quik-pics before the non-sunrise.. 21º  with winds at 15-20 gusting to 28… lovely.. anyway decided to head over to the ICW.. more of the same… the lake also.. a few more pics as the sun finally got above the low lying clouds.. it sure didn’t warm things up any though

phone-pic.. top of bridge looking out toward the ocean

at the beach ..just too cold and windy.. ugh!

along the Causeway at low tide

what can I say ..21º

ICW near Boat Landing

the deer were out along Ocean Harbor road

half hour later ICW near the ‘bend’

Blue Heron getting some needed sun

looks like the cold is staying around

 again at 28º at the beach this morning at Sunrise that wasn’t very much to begin with… it seems to feel colder and colder and I can assure you I don’t want to be here in this weather.. the Caribbean calls… the Canal calls.. it was only 90º in Panama today– that just ain’t right… our Palm trees in the front yard are taking a beating in these below freezing temps

a few pics at Sunrise at the beach..and lake

mostly sunny skies at Sunrise with clouds covering the skies behind me.. temps were at 28º but it sure beats the foot of snow the NYC area got last nite with temps down into the single digits…temps topped out at 39º this afternoon.. coulda been worse.

all alone am I
at least these gulls were around

sand ripples at the beach

can you do this

another fisherman trying his luck

birds at the lake

skipped heading to the beach this morning.. headed over to the Lakes instead at sunrise.. there are twin lakes on either side of the golf course and contrary to what most think.. they are not part of the course itself but are NC-state owned..  finally located the resident Ospreys.. or at least one of them who regularly nest in their usual location every year.. this year it seems they have moved over to the other lake.. thought that was the case when I saw the Eagles hanging around their old nesting areas.. we shall see.. a sunny day with temps in the low 60’s.. sure beats all that snow they are getting in the northeast today..   pics NY-NJ Snowstorm today

Grand Central Pkwy in NYC 3pm