more brrrrrrrr….

wow.. the NORTH winds made the 34º temps colder than normal as I drove over to the beach at Sunrise this morning… brrrrr


a non-sunrise at 40th street

decided to walk across the dunes-walkway at 40th street where I normnally surf-fish in season… just a cold drary non-sunrise kinda morning.. no much going on.. headed over to the lake where the Osprey was back around his nest

sunrise.. beach..lake and fishing

drove over to the beach for a nice Sunrise.. stopped by the lake on the way home.. the fishing picked up as the Largemouth Bass were biting.. caught 3.. had 5 hits.. all catch and release.. very few birds flying at the lake.. saw these two Pink Flamingos grazing in a backyard on the bank across the lake.. I thought.. ‘was I in Bonaire on one of our cruises in the Caribbean or back in Brooklyn’ — you gotta know Brooklyn to get that  🙂 🙂
Bonaire’s Pink Flamingos

Sunrise panorama

dogwalkers on the beach at sunrise

Largemouth Bass at the Lake

Pink Flamingoes across the lake.. who woulda thunk it

a lil’ bit of change

so no beach today… checked out the lake..

Great Egret on the lake bank

he’s eyeing breakfast

success.. as he snapped up a fishy  in the reeds

Blue Heron on the water’s edge

Camellias in our back yeard

Japanese Quints in the front yard

Daffodil blooming after being cut


sunrise with some more birds ..

a bit kewler this early morning at the beach  38º but lil’ wind..a nice sunrise.. colorful.. lots of birds hangin’ at the surf line..  stopped on the causeway for more birds as well as at the lake ..partly sunny afternoon with temps up to 62º.. not bad..I’ll take it

hot off the presses for the latest breaking news.. I am the ‘big weener’ of the Mexican Train game tonite vs opponents Pat..Denise and Tom.. my first victory!!!!!

Sunrise panorama

a pleasant day with some birds

drove over to the beach ..  a nice colorful sunrise…then on to the lake.. where the Pelicans and Bald Eagle were around.. a plane trail shot with the Moon .. a couple of cropped Moon pics even in the daylight..  on an unusual note.. we went down to Costco and Myrtle Beach today instead of our regular Sunday jaunt.. big mistake.. way too crowded.. 68º and sunny most of the day

Killdear ..plover family

Blue Heron flying low

Blad Eagle at the lake

Pelican giving me the ‘evil eye’

Pelican takeoff series

two plane trails crossing with Moon

Moon in daylight

yup close 100% crop of Moon in daylight

nice day..almost

a decent Sunrise at the beach this morning…a stop at the Lake   snapped some pics of a group of larger birds flying around looking for breakfast over the water… a Bald Eagle.. an Osprey .. and 6 Turkey Buzzards all in the same grouping.. .. I was the only one who caught a fish.. a lil dood–Largemouth Bass– catch and release of course..

by late afternoon the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Watch and severe Thunderstorm Warnings for this area and up the entire east coast to NYC.. all we got was a sprinkle and drizzle with a few thunder-boomers

Crows on the bird watching deck
Bald Eagle

Largemouth Bass lil’ dood ..catch and release Always
barge and Tug on the ICW

the ‘LAST one’… cleanup after ice storms
Camellias in bloom

at least the temps are up

not too much of a sunrise as I drove over to the beach this morning…by 9am the clouds gave way to sunshine once again.. temps this afternoon hit 71º.. a happy man am I  🙂  ocean water temps finally got back up to 50º.. Lake water temps at 54º

ICW at Sunrise
ICW palms after Sunrise
Blue Heron relaxing on top of the Bridge
North Shore Dr Deer
cleanup continues as the pile of limbs gets higher
up and down every street more limbs pile up awaiting Town pickup

foggy overcast early morning

as I drove over to the beach today… a non-sunrise with fog .. dreary… but what a beautiful day it turned into.. sun and 71º couldn’t be a more perfect sure is about time ..can’t get those ice storms outtta my mind… maybe it’s because I’m still doing some cleanup.. it never ends..

temps were up .. so I’m happy..

a nice sunrise at the beach this early morning…only41º but the forecast called for upper 60’s… walked up on da’ Pier to check it out and take a few pics ..Pier is of course still closed for the winter .. a lil’ bit more of some small cleanup jobs from last week’s ice storm but that was okay.. sunny and 68º is good