nice day..almost

a decent Sunrise at the beach this morning…a stop at the Lake   snapped some pics of a group of larger birds flying around looking for breakfast over the water… a Bald Eagle.. an Osprey .. and 6 Turkey Buzzards all in the same grouping.. .. I was the only one who caught a fish.. a lil dood–Largemouth Bass– catch and release of course..

by late afternoon the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Watch and severe Thunderstorm Warnings for this area and up the entire east coast to NYC.. all we got was a sprinkle and drizzle with a few thunder-boomers

Crows on the bird watching deck
Bald Eagle

Largemouth Bass lil’ dood ..catch and release Always
barge and Tug on the ICW

the ‘LAST one’… cleanup after ice storms
Camellias in bloom