the usual morning..out early

stopped down at the beach at Sunrise… a few  walkers..dogs too..water was calm but cold..decided to have some fun and use my Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone camera to take a Panorama with the Sunrise and the Moon setting over the pier..
after leaving the beach and island stopped at the ICW then over to the Lake .. BTW it’s the President’s Day holiday…does it really matter to us retired bums 🙂

Panorama Galaxy S4 phone.. Sun on left–Moon on right


an ‘almost sunrise’..

things weren’t looking too good this morning with the sun peeking just under the clouds for a short while.. but after yesterday’s rain it really wasn’t too bad…  by 9am the sun was out for the rest of the day.. 54Âș so can’t complain.. down to Myrtle for a shopping Sunday jaunt

finally a sunny day..Happy Valentines Day

almost forgot what a sunrise was..a welcome sight.. haven’t seen the sun in a few days with all the ice and rain.. drove over to the ICW to catch the Sunrise this morning before meeting my friend Jim for coffee at Skats.. at noon the sun was shining on this pretty sunny day 54Âș  .. that’s nice…ahhhhhh

hope everyone enjoys their Valentines Day

mouth of the Calabash River at Sunrise

Sunrise at the ICW

makeshift boat landing at the abandoned house ICW
the Sun’s rays sure feel good

the larger Palms bounced back after all that ice

the day after the ice storm

a bit of a PITA Cleanup.. no damage to the house…limbs.. branches.. nothing too bad like some of the houses had around here…had one small tree snap off at the base in the back yard.. loads of small pieces too..all the trees and palms are happy to be standing tall today…  the ice melted ..the rains finally stopped .. temps only got up to 37Âș today but that was just fine with Overcast skies and an intermittent mist off and on thruout the day

icing up

but so far no ice on driveway and streets which is hard to believe.. as the rain falls it freezes on impact on trees and palms and other objects.. inland and further west and away from us on the coast is getting blasted with ice..

yesterday New Bern NC  140 miles north of us and west of Morehead City got 10″ of snow on the ground..and it wasn’t from this ice storm..  New Bern Snow report article   … and where it is  New Bern on the Map

at 945am the ice was getting worse..  by 11am I stepped outside once again.. a lot more tree branches snapping ..  not good..

another quick perusal outside at 430pm for any damage to the house.. tree limbs still snapping off and falling up and down our street.. it sure is icy out there

outside one last time tonite at 8pm.. just a heavy downpour of rain.. temps are up to 35Âș so that’s good.. hopefully the new forecast for tomorrow –Overcast–is the correct one …fingers crossed

frozen droplets.. everything is freezing over  8am

Woody is feeding  as icicles form 945am
ice is getting heavier on the palms and trees 945am

ice on the house gutters 945am
11am.. the tress start bending as the ice continues

a 430pm check outside
iced Flag and Mailbox 430pm

Sago Palm got iced  again.. 430pm

palm tree got iced

small tree snapped in back yard
Mister Squirrel climbing the icy tree in back yard  430pm
35Âș ..raining hard  8pm

just a rainy day.. cold too

no beach or lake this morning–rain….awaiting what started off early this morning as a NOAA Winter Storm Advisory that now in the afternoon has changed to a Winter Storm Warning.. not good.. ice storm approaching like the one we had 2 weeks ago..  so far just rain all day with temps at 35Âș

temps slowly eased downward to the freezing point at dusk.. ice on the plants and trees.. should be interesting by tomorrow morning

still rain early afternoon.. no ice yet
ice droplets on palm late afternoon

nice early morning..

on my ride over to the beach stopped and snapped a sunrise over the Calabash River.. then on to the ICW.. then across the Bridge to the I was about to come back on the causeway I saw this group of deer playing in the yards and lots on North Shore Drive… it was back over to the mainland  a stop at the lake and Pond.. 37Âș made for a brisk early morning.. got up to 60Âș this afternoon on a sunny day..

tomorrow’s forecast is not looking so good.. a Winter Warning has been issued for inland from our area freezing rain from mid-day Tuesday thru Wednesday morning is forecast.. not so good

ahhh.. the ‘sun rises’

after an overcast and rainy morning yesterday I drove over to the beach to catch the sunrise today ..a few diehards walking early this morning .. cold temps at 33Âș.. little if any wind but still brrrrrrr…. sure beats rain.. or ice though..

late afternoon—got back from our weekly jaunt to Myrtle Beach shopping a little while ago .. temps got up to 60Âș  this afternoon and sunny.. nice day

the last 4 pics.. having some fun using Fotosketcher creating oil paintings of this morning’s pics

Sunrise Pier Panorama

top of the Bridge before Sunrise
this sure doesn’t look good for the bird
a few of the ‘locals’ crossed the street in front of me

oil painting panorama at Sunrise

a pretty sunrise

with a few scattered clouds made for a different look .. pics can say a lot more

Calabash River before Sunrise Low Tide
Sunrise over the Dunes

Sunrise at Sunset Beach

shy Swans at the Lake
a Weather Vane