Day 4 — St Thomas—-Water Island , USVI

After a pretty Sunrise at 615am we arrived at Crown Bay, St Thomas for the day.. we decided to go out on our own and take the small ferry from the Crown Bay Marina right next to the cruise docks across to Water Island  the little known 4th  US Virgin Island—and about a 10 minute crossing…a beach day was in order after a short walk from the ferry dock to Honeymoon Beach.. a few more people were there than the last time we were here but still a great quiet out of the way location and away from all the hustle bustle shopping area of downtown Charlotte Amalie,St Thomas.. a perfect day at the beach.. great place….tomorrow we are in St Barts

Panorama Honeymoon Beach Water Island USVI

rain squall St Thomas offshore

double-Rainbow right beside our ship

Rainbow over Water Island
Crown Bay cruise dock St Thomas USVI

Water Island Ferry at Crown Bay Marina

Honeymoon Beach Water Island USVI

Termite Nest Water Island


Ferry approaching Water Island dock


Day 3– Day at Sea

as we get closer to our first port–St Thomas was up and about at sunrise.. unfortunately the low cloud cover didn’t cooperate… turned into a pretty sunny day 80* so it was back to the Navigation Deck aft by the Seaview pool… Pat went to a Cooking Class–Free– I sat out in the sun… went to the show after dinner–funny guy English comedian Jon Courtenay… arrive St Thomas tomorrow morning

Day 2 –Day at Sea

up bright and early before sunrise on this first day out at sea enroute for our first port–StThomas USVI–we arrive there on Monday morning..

the Sunrise was nice.. the winds were up at Southeast at 25kts and up on the Sky Deck a bit more than was reported…a day at sea means a day in the sun on the Navigation Deck aft nearby the Seaview Pool.. plenty of ‘rays’..Pat won the ring toss–a bucket of beer that we shared with Margaret and Peter… it sure is different on just a 14 day cruise with all the Caribbean crowd…  back deck was nearly full…  all in all a wonderful day outside enjoying the pretty weather

Day 1 on the high seas.. Maasdam Cruise Caribbean 14 days

. after driving down from Ft Pierce to Port Everglades early this morning we boarded the Maasdam at 1230pm ..  we ate a quick lunch in the Lido ..happened to meet our friends Margaret and Peter from England ..we also saw a number of staff we knew from prior cruises…off to the lifeboat drill at 315pm..dinner in the dining room at 545pm at our favorite table#74… we are back home..

we set sail once again today for 14 days to the Southern Caribbean on Holland America’s Maasdam at 4pm today ..

 this is our Itinerary

Mar 28 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US 4:00 PM Ship Departs
Mar 29 AT SEA
Mar 30 AT SEA
Mar 31 St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. 8:00 AM Ship Arrives
6:00 PM Ship Departs
Apr 01 Gustavia (St. Barts), France 8:00 AM Ship Arrives
3:00 PM Ship Departs
Apr 02 Castries, St. Lucia 8:00 AM Ship Arrives
3:00 PM Ship Departs
Apr 02 Soufriere, St Lucia 5:00 PM Ship Arrives
6:00 PM Ship Departs
Apr 03 Bridgetown, Barbados 8:00 AM Ship Arrives
5:00 PM Ship Departs
Apr 04 St Georges, Grenada 8:00 AM Ship Arrives
5:00 PM Ship Departs
Apr 05 AT SEA
Apr 06 Kralendijk (Bonaire), Antilles 8:00 AM Ship Arrives
5:00 PM Ship Departs
Apr 07 Willemstad (Curacao), Antilles 7:00 AM Ship Arrives
11:00 PM Ship Departs
Apr 08 AT SEA
Apr 09 AT SEA
Apr 10 Half Moon Cay, Bahamas 8:00 AM Ship Arrives
3:00 PM Ship Departs
Apr 11 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 7:00 AM Ship Arrives

wetting a line at the Dockside

a lot warmer this morning at 64* at Sunrise.. mostly cloudy with the sun peeking thru.. up to 72* at noon …wetting a line all I got were flashes on gotcha plugs and curly tailed jigs with decent size Jacks and Blues but no takers mainly in shallow water.. water cleared up nicely this morning… same scenario later this afternoon after the changing incoming tide with bumps and flashes and no takers..

Dockside Ft Pierce

after a couple of days at our friends Fran and Bill’s in Poinciana we left them and and drove down to Ft Pierce… great hospitality we thank them.. had a lot of fun….saw Charlie and Jo also…arrived at the Dockside at around 3pm…. ‘kewl’ temps today even in central Florida–65* and windy at the coast…we stay here for two nites and leave for the 2 hour drive down to Port Everglades on Friday morning to board the Maasdam for our 14 day southern Caribbean cruise

heading south

our 3 week journey begins..left the house at 540am for the drive down to Kissimmee Florida to visit our friends for a few days..heavy fog at that hour until it started to burn off about 9am…interesting crossing the Ravenel bridge in Charleston in the fog..arrived at 240pm..went out to dinner to Mannys Steakhouse..good food..a neat place

then it’ll be off to Ft Pierce on Wednesday and on to our 14 day cruise to the southern Caribbeam on Friday

clouds moved in

just before sunrise at the beach.. so that blew that out.. down to the lake and yet another morning of nada…  got up to 73º and sunny most of the day… starting to rain right now–around 6pm..  tomorrow it’ll be ‘on the road again’

sunrise.. moonset.. and a lot of old cars

drove over to the beach before sunrise… as I was getting out of my truck looked up and saw Mister Moon.. got the 400L lens an snapped away… continued the walk to the beach and a nice sunrise…   a stopoff at the lake proved fruitless for wetting a line..

 drove down to the 26th annual Myrle Beach Oldies Car Show and arrived just after opening at 10am..why is it so crowded you ask.. it’s FREE.. as in ‘if it’s FREE it’s for me’…the past few years there have been about 2500 old cars/trucks that show up and register.. this year they say it’ll be close to 3000.. it sure looked like it… cars and people everywhere..stayed until 130pm.. shot near 500 pics.. hard to take decent pics with all the people milling about.. gotta snap fast quick-like..

for more oldies car pics see my SmugMug site at Myrtle Beach Oldies Car Show

the way it’s supposed to be.. first day of Spring .. ahhhhhhhh

…early morning at Sunrise at the beach 43º.. calm .. nice.. grabbed a few pics .. w*rkers were finally starting on the roof of the new Gazebo .. the mainland side of the bridge intersection is a mess.. if they are doing the circle roundabout what a mess we’re all in store for.. dangerous one too.. oh well so much for politicians..

no luck again at the lake as it sure shut down… had to go back over to the Pier late this morning to drop some old pics off ..  on the way back we saw a Gator up on the bank of the lake behind the golf-green.. looks like the first day of Spring has sprung them out of the mud.. now what will happen to the two resident Swans .. last year they ‘beat-feet’ when the Gators showed up.. I would imagine the same will happen this year.. temps reached 71º and sunny this afternoon..