overcast and uglee skies

made for a non-sunrise this early morning .. 72º….a stop at the lake to wet a line.. one hit–one catch on  a buzz bait.. a small lil’ dood …the forecast is for heavy rains today and tomorrow..downpour at 3pm..wow..


wet a line in the surf

after a pretty Sunrise atop the Sunset Beach Bridge looking up the ICW and along the Causeway this morning.. walked into the surf at 40th Street…brrrrrr.. water temp at 66º.. not nice…water was dirty-uglee ..not good for fishing.. plugged for about a half hour with a Hopkins.. nada.. stopped at the lake on the drive home.. same same zippo

looking up the ICW atop the Sunset Beach Bridge at Sunrise
my truck–2013 Avalanche–reflections of a Sunrise

it sure ain’t warm in the ocean surf  66º
a birdseye view in the surf

yellow wildflower along the Causeway
Moorhen at the lake

a busy early morning at the beach

more people than usual for Sunrise at the beach this Sunday morning.. last of the Easter vacationers are still in town.. shopping down in Myrtle Beach as per our usual on Sunday morning.. snapped a couple of pics of the tourist helicopters…another pretty Sunrise and sunny day in the high 70’s.. nice weather..


such a nice day once again

a drive over to the beach at 40th street for this morning’s Sunrise.. then on the way back stopped off at the Pier to see my friend Tom.. he was the only one fishing up there.. dirty water with ocean water temps at 63º left a lot to be desired.. no fish being caught.. stopped at the lake on the drive back home… saw some golfers oblivious to the resident Gator up on the bank.. happens all the time ..

a bright sunny day

that started off with a pretty Sunrise.. a stop at the lake proved fruitless..then temps up to 77º the remainder of the sunny day..

Calabash River before Sunrise
Sunrise at Sunset Beach

Bubba and Bubbette missed the Sunrise but still had their coffee
an after-Sunrise walk begins
Calabash River reflections after Sunrise

Cormorant getting some ‘rays’ drying out

he’s happy
Avalanche in the driveway

a fat one at the lake

a nice Sunrise over on the beach  and a stop at the lake on the drive home… wet a line.. got one hit.. nice Largemouth Bass.. fatso.. 6#–7 oz.. just one.. catch and release of course..back to jury duty at 10am

panorama at the beach

still a bit cool in the early AM

as I drove over to the beach at 40th street decided to walk the dunes and snap a few pics from down that way..  stopped over at the lake on the drive home.. nada..  we took a drive down to Surfside Beach to do some shopping..would you believe a stop at the Old time pottery store the site of the first WalMart down that way…looked like a lot of junk to me…not my kind of store.. Pat bought a table umbrella for our patio set… warmed up nicely to 75º and sunny all day

Happy Easter….

.. been raining since Friday afternoon… enuff already, already.. it was off to Church this Easter morning 630am Mass.. nice..  no crowds as all the lazy people sleep in… Pat is making homemade Raviolis.. meatballs and I-Tal-Yun sausage for our traditional I-Tal-Yun Easter dinner this afternoon– thatsa nice!!…with a couple of friends–Tom and Denise– coming over to join us…   ..  would have been up in Brooklyn and Long Island as we usually are for Easter with family but jury duty calls for tomorrow.. what judge would have his court in session during Easter Holiday week…  only down here in NC–unbelievable.. but then again he saved me a long 700 mile drive north  🙂 🙂

at least it’s a bit warmer

51º at sunrise.. but it’s not where it should be… c’mon HEAT..  low clouds once again so no sunrise as I crossed over to the island to check it out..a stop at the Lake on the way home.. no takers.. watched the Osprey and the Eagle duke it out across the lake as per their usual–don’t think they like each other as this is a regular occurrence..rain forecast for later this afternoon.. just a dreary day

Calabash River before Sunrise
Bald Eagle in tree

more brrrrrr

this is getting old already, already… only difference from yesterday there was a nice sunrise.. .. 38º temps with North wind at 15.. stopped at the lake with nada.. even the gators were hiding this morning..