quiet on the beach

must be all the ‘tourons’ slept in this morning…just a few stragglers…. another nice morning at sunrise.. no fishing again…tried at the lake… zippo..


a quiet morning

no beach today with the weekly Sunday Church Services being held next to the pier on the beach..68º and sunny with NNE winds lower humidity made for an unusual weather morning… tried my luck wetting a line  along the causeway.. nada.. a few pics then over to the lake also nada.. our regular drive down to Myrtle beach and Costco and a few other stores

a late afternoon thunderstorm

a couple of quick snaps while out shopping this afternoon..first one was at Lowes Little River looking across toward the beaches where a storm formed and was moving from left to right–unusual for this area as most of our storms run right to left up the coast.. the second is taken from Indigo Farms looking in the same direction a little while later.. some spinning clouds and offshoots started to form but never did–the beginnings of water spouts– that form usually along the beaches and out over the inshore ocean waters.. showers and thunderstorms intermittent since early this morning around the non-sunrise hour..

a few early morning pics

more tourists seem to be around walking the beach at this early hour .. water temps are nice and toasty at 83º…  summer is definitely here as the fishing gets worse and worse..I guess that’s why I bring my camera to the beach

sunrise ..and a day trip to Charleston

decided the last minute after getting back from the beach and sunrise this morning to drive down to Charleston for the day… beautiful blue skies turned into powder puff  skies when we got there just after noon.. a sunny day with temps topping out at 93º.. a nice lunch at the Charleston Crab House.. soft-shell crab ‘sammich’ followed by some key lime pie.. a quick stop at Whole Foods for some ‘almond flour’–who needs this stuff??!!

an early morning storm close by

left the house at 530am heading over to the beach.. as I pulled out of my driveway the rain came down in buckets…on the drive over to the beach crossing the Calabash River– no more rain..I stopped for the Sunrise on the Causeway on the island side of the Bridge..a nice sunrise with enuff clouds to make it interesting..  off to the west behind me a storm was building down toward Myrtle Beach on the other side of Little River inlet..  I stopped on the beach near the pier.. snapped some more pics.. what a storm-sky.. made my way back across the bridge for the drive home stopping at the Calabash River as the rains started once again…

a quiet Sunday morning

too much early morning traffic at the beach at Sunrise with the Church services starting near the pier so avoided staying on the island too long…  stopped along the causeway to ‘wet a line’ .. nada… and back at the lake.. zilch…even checked out ‘around the bend’ on  Rt 179 at the ICW.. squat.. guess the water temps just got too warm too fast..passed by this older Boston Whaler for sale on the drive home

early morning..

bypassed going over to the beach once again with low tide spoiling the fishing..headed to the causeway then back to the ICW and lake…for the heck of it I checked the weather and temps where we were a couple of weeks ago up in Nova Scotia and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island earlier today… Charlottetown was 38º with rain.. Nova Scotia at 50º.. brrrrrrr….. it hit 92º here this afternoon a bit warmer than up north in Canada

the tide was low-low

so left the fishing gear in my truck while snapping some sunrise and pier pics at the beach.. a beautiful pretty morning ..amazing how little water was under the pier at this low tide.. caught this gecko at the house on our lamp-post sunning himself when I got home.. he saw me getting too close so he red throated me with a puff-out