wetting a line in the surf

all for naught.. not a bite to  be had…pretty sunrise though..70* made for a nice early morning..


24 years ago today

I became a professional ‘do-nuttin’..  lovin’ it still..  moved south 3 days later.. and never looked back.. enjoying life..

meet and greet

first time back over to the lake to ‘wet a line’ since our return from our trip north.. and my buddies were waiting for me…they just wouldn’t leave they were so glad to see me.. I did  😦

the new Dodge Challenger Hellcat.. muscle-cars are alive

2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat 707hp …a lotta car for $60,990
as a comparison… a new 2015 Suburban LTZ 4×4 loaded is $70k
my new 2013 Avalanche LTZ was $51k.. but that was the last year they were made
my new 1965 GTO was $3,050 .. 360hp.. 3 deuces.. 4 speed but that was when the ‘muscle-car’ era started–the good ol’ days

watch the video

the drive home

12 hours..  avoided the traffic in Brooklyn.. and on the NJ Turnpike.. but somehow we caught some  just south of the Va-NC border in NC.. down to one lane.. not nice.. lost a half hour or more…you just can’t beat it… weather stayed nice until we ran into a light storm on I-40 headed across toward Wilmington–got to see a double rainbow though..

more walking in Sheepshead Bay

early morning—sure is nice to walk without all the crowds and traffic during the mid-day.. only ones around are the fishermen boarding the fishing boats down at the ‘Bay’.. they sure pack ’em in on the weekends.. these days about 7 boats leave the docks at 7am.. back in the 60’s 25-30 boats a day went out…