red sky in the morning

so it just had to be.. a storm building just offshore from the beach on this Labor Day holiday weekend..  the local dogwalkers getting ready to leave the beach as the storm clouds get closer..after leaving the island looking across the ICW watched a water spout starting up over Little River Inlet a few times but never developed

before sunrise near ICW on causeway

water spout starting over Little River Inlet


calm quiet at the beach

at Sunrise on Sunset Beach.. no fishing for me again this morning–low low tide and the water was not clear…  mostly local dogwalkers  with a few tourons out this early –but very few…  yippee 🙂

almost unheard of ‘kewl temps’ before Sunrise..and Charleston

this time of August ….64* wind NNE at 15-20 and surf’s up .. uglee dirty water as I ‘wet a line’ in the surf once again… ocean water sure felt good though at 83* as most walkers on the beach this morning had sweatshirts on.. I should have..brrrrr..  decided the last minute to do a ‘day trip’ down Rt 17 to Charleston –our favorite city.. nice for picture taking and just walking Battery Park and Rainbow Row.. a pretty city

a much ‘kewler’ early morning..

almost fall-like..totally opposite from yesterday’s uglee morning weather…today it was 72* at the beach with a nice NNW wind at 8mph.. the humidity seemed lower… all this after last evening’s thunderstorm changed the weather pattern but ruined the water –it was dark brown and dirty so no surf-fishing .. guess you can’t have everything

wetting a line in the surf

at Sunrise is nice when it’s high tide like it was this morning even though nothing was biting…. another pretty morning at the beach .. as soon as I crossed back over the bridge to the mainland overcast skies and fog greeted me for the short drive home..amazing weather conditions..  later this afternoon we got another afternoon thunderstorm that rocked the area.. we really don’t need any more rain–ugh

a bit of humidity..phew..

in the early morning turned it into a scorching hot sunny day…again a non-sunrise for the most part… caught these bucks having some fun butting heads on my drive back home as I detoured into the old Ocean Harbor golf course complex road… not many times do I get to see this many young bucks as a group.. an old plane dismantled behind our local Calabash fire department.. who knows why??  had some special friends stop by the house for a visit and dinner on their cross-country drive was great seeing them once again..