nice kewl morning .. 64*

and NO RAIN..  after yesterday’s downpours of heavy rains thruout the day a welcomed site with no rain  this morning .. the sunrise could have used some help but clear skies were in order afterwards on the drive home..a beautiful sunny clear day all day got up to 81*.. super nice

an empty beach looking toward the west end

SPOT netters close-in along the beach

they’re ‘regulars’ every morning at sunrise.. they dress alike
these gals can’t read the Keep Off the Dunes sign

Moorhen in the reeds at the lake
no gators around this morning


finally Mister Sun showed his face

after 5 days of overcast and rainy skies.. ‘we don’t need no  more stinkin’ rain’  ..headed to the beach passing by the mouth of the Calabash River for a pre-sunrise pic.. the local North Myrtle Beach King Mackeral Tournament — the Rumble in the Jungle–was in its last day as I watched the start with boats leaving Little River Inlet heading along the beach to their favorite ‘secret fishing locations’.. stopped by Sunset Beach Pier–from a distance– as the SPOT fishermen were at it.. the SPOT run started Friday afternoon.. slowed down some this morning but chaos will be up there until late November…….ahhhh.. da’ sun.. nice !!

no fishing..

according to the forecast it was clear outside.. not the case as I headed on over to the beach to see the sun maybe peaking thru the clouds and more clouds..  left the fishin’ gear in the truck with the NE winds cranking up there…  a ‘kewl’ temp morning down to 67*.. almost time for dare I say this–the  ‘sweatshirt’ but still holding out.. the weekend ‘spot-fishing’ crowd were starting on da’ Pier this morning… this is usually when the spots start running after a cold front or two starts passing thru the area every fall…

wind is up.. fish aren’t

tried wetting a line in the surf once again.. nada.. winds were up NNE at 15+ with a possible tropical development just offshore of the Carolina coast… weather stayed nice thru the early afternoon when we went back to the ICW and watched a storm front blow in from offshore.. a couple of hot-spots–water spouts–started to develop but dissipated  before anything happened.. wind gusts up to 25-30 as some boaters just ignored the weather and continued to launch their boats at the local ICW boat ramp..