Heading south-er-er

Well our next adventure begins..driving down  to Ft Pierce on the start of our cruise..stay over nite and board the Maasdam Friday morning..be nice to see old friends onboard

and away we go

..middle of the tide so it was a ‘back to norma’l walk to the jetties– 4miles as we usually do..  nice sunrise..51*  so I guess this will be it.. no more ‘heat’ in the early morning sunrise hour .. got up to 77* this afternoon .. a perfect sunny day

quiet on the beach

again with high tide it was back to the jetties for us.. another 4 mile early morning sunrise walkj with just a couple of walker out there ..the flowers in our front yard are enjoying plenty of sunshine with the ‘kewler’ temps

a walk to Tubbs Inlet

with high tide carrying the surf onto most of the beachfront  it forced us to alter our 4 mile walk once again.. a kewl but pretty morning with temps at 51*.. turned into a nice day with highs into the low 70’s with the sun shinning..

a sunrise walk.. a solar eclipse sunset

with high tide taking over the beach we had to alter our daily beach walk to the east end toward Tubbs Inlet..saw many sharks washed up on the beach at the surf line.. my guess is that they were discarded in gill nets as by-catch.. ugly stuff..  45* at sunrise.. mucho brrrrrrr… warmed up to 71* during the sunny day…we decided to go back to the beach for the partial solar eclipse that was just before sunset… seems weird out there during sunset with all the sunrises I see.. anyway the eclipse was outrun by the sunset.. at least we did see hundreds of dolphin putting on a show for us from just behind the surf line and out as far as you could see.. what a show ..

walk on the beach


Dolphins putting on a show

not dressed for the beach–cowboy boots

a ‘pacman’ partial solar eclipse just before sunset

42 years..

and away we go 🙂 …. anyway we had to delay our walk on the beach a couple of hours ..high tide at 7am with lil’ beach to walk on..  nice but very ‘kewl’ morning with NNW winds blowing at 10-156.. brrrrr.. we made it .. very few people out there…

USCoast Guard Buoy Repair Tender replacing Inlet sea  uoy

adding one more to the pile

Bird Island dune wall
blowing sand
Sandpipers looking for a meal

back to walking on the beach..

..after a one day hiatus we were back on the beach at 635am well before sunrise this morning… low clouds made for a delayed sunrise.. stopped by a local farm along Rt 17 after seeing this mommy and baby Donkey grazing amongst the cows..

where is the lil’ dood
hiding ‘behind’ the big black cow

no walking today

anyway it was 46* at sunrise.. brrrrrrr….had a couple of appointments early in Myrtle Beach..as luck would have it had reason to snap a few pics with a nice pond alongside of the building where we we at..got up to a high of 73* today..overall a real nice Fall day