Day 31– Cadiz, Spain

arrived on a kewler morning 61*.. as soon as the sun got higher it warmed up nicely to 64* and sunny all day..we walked into town along the seawall near the beach then over to the Cathedral and square with all the shops..had a nice lite lunch along with a Capuccino and a few goodies..did the flea market vendors..had fun in a nice city


Day 30–Gibraltar, UK

‘the ROCK’..a noon arrival scheduled for an all day stopover in Gibraltar, UK…after forecasts for rainy weather were put turned into a beautiful sunny 65* day.. a walk to Casemates Square and the main street.. crows  crowds and more crowds on this Saturday–many locals along with an unscheduled Costa ship holding over 3K passengers added to the many folks who ventured out shopping..back on the ship by 315pm..a nice dinner in the dining room.. some fish and chips in the Lido.. had to watch Big Al attempt a back to back win in the free roulette tournament in the casino that stayed open after 7pm while still in port.. he was dethroned.. Francois the new Hotel Manager came aboard today.. another hit on 4-Aces at the video poker machines for me..  a super-nice day once again as we departed at 1030pm.. tomorrow we arrive in Cadiz, Spain one of our favorite ports.. time is flying by

Day 29 Cartagena,Spain

arrived Cartagena, Spain to sunny skies ..great city close to cruise dock to walk around..had a lite lunch at an outdoor cafe .pastries and a cappucino too…clouds moved in at noon ..then a lite sprinkle at 1pm as we stopped at the Burger King in the Marina at the cruise dock for some free wifi.. great day in a nice city

Day 28–at Sea — Happy Thanxgiving

Happy Turkey Day .. another sunny day 68* ..we’re at sea crossing the Med for the sail over to Cartegena, Spain our next port.. invited to a special luncheon for 5 star and above Mariners in the Pinnacle Grill..just what I needed more food :)…  missed trivia at1pm as the luncheon ended at 2pm.. looks like rain will be moving in on us starting tomorrow. in Cartegena….oh well it was a great run of nearly 4 weeks of perfect sunny high 60’s weather since we crossed the big pond …   gobble…gobble..gobble    🙂

Day 27–Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

this morning we’re in Cagliari, Sardenia, Italy an island in the Med…another sunny 70* day started off with a pretty sunrise.. we walked the town… well above the town as the 5 Amigos decided to walk to the top of the hill to the Cathedral of St Anne.. we’ve been here before on tours…a nice uphill–uphill trek with some beautiful views of the surrounding city…  on the walk back down a magic elevator appeared so we took it back down to the park at the edge of the city..the walk back towards the ship had a stop for a gelato before returning onboard..

Big Al and Frankie D go ‘benching’ once again

Day 26–Palermo, Sicily

arrived Palermo, Sicily under a pretty sunrise ..walked the city ..had a nice lite lunch–antipasto and pizza margherita..what else..gelato to follow.. picked up some pastry cookies to munch on …once again super sunny nice weather 71*

Day 25–Messina, Sicily

Messina –a beautiful city on the island of Sicily on a pretty 68* sunny day.. we went up to Taormina once again and walked the small village eating our way thru Cannoli after Cannoli along with  a couple of Cappuccinos ..  the best Cannolis anywhere –where it all started.. and NO cinnamon or fruit just a light coating of pistacchio nuts.. best of the best.. formal nite in the dining room.. afterwards we went to the show –the Unexpected Boys– did the songs from Joisey Boys–Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons.. super good group of singers.. a couple of Acapella songs thrown in.. great show

Day 24–Sorrento

left Napoli at 6am this morning after an overnite stay at the port to sail across the Bay to Sorrento –about an hour away.. this is a tender port so the ship anchored just off the coast a short tender ride away…we got off the ship by 10am… walked the town on another sunny 65* day.. what great weather… did the gelato…cannoli.. pizza lunch–pizza doesn’t compare with the real deal across the Bay in Naples.. then back aboard by 215pm .. we leave here for our next port–Messina, Sicily… have the Taormina tour planned once again we liked it so much last year

Day 23–Napoli

arrived Napoli early this the ship at 930am..decided to do Hop On Hop Off again..did the Green route first followed by lunch at Il Pomorodino our local favorite restaurant–had som Buffalo Mutz and Brushetta followed by the real deal–Neopolitan Margharita Pizza..thatsa of the back on the HoHo bus to do the Blue Route..back to the cruise terminal at 330pm to do some wifi.. heading back out for dinner at 6pm..some more I-tal-yun food

Day 22–Roma, Italia

took the Baroque ( or as I named it the Barack) walking tour in Roma.. what a super nice day… 65* and sunny.. fantastic weather once again.. had two great guides..a nice lunch of Margarhita Pizza and Lasagna.. vino.. tiramisu at the 4 Columns Restaurant in Piazza Navona Roma .. super day