doesn’t everyone..

yop.. ‘Everybody loves………’  :)   on this first full day back home a drive  down to Myrtle to Costco and Bass Pro.. pretty day..sunny blue skies  74*.. ‘it don’t get no more better-er than this’  🙂 🙂

Everybody loves Raymond

heading home

after a 5 day Christmas week visit to Bruklin it was time to drive back home..heading south.. a nice day pretty and sunny so only had to contend with the heavier than normal after-Christmas shopping traffic…saw a number of large contingents of Police  vehicles headed to the funeral of an NYPD cop in Queens, NYC… clear sailing down to Virginia.. a Sun-Dog in the late day sky…then good ol’ Emporia.. backed down for 4+ miles because of a 2 car fender-bender..  just a heavy volume of traffic and 12+ hours later and touchdown.. good to be back home.. my memories of Bruklin and the way it used to be are always a lot better than being there these days..

an early morning walk

get that exercise..a break in the rain showers so I went out for a walk–down to my favorite Bagel shop..Emmons Bagels– near the fishing boat docks in Sheepshead Bay..monsta-bagels– the ol’ fashioned Bruklin boiled then baked kind…forecast for rain thru Christmas day..should see the sun next time on Friday..I need HEAT