a dredge on the ICW

as I crossed over the bridge to the island I saw a couple of tugs pulling a dredge and equipment nothbound on the ICW.. since it was already passed the bridge I decided to see if I could track it down.. went down Shoreline Drive to the end… caught it as it passed the boat ramp.. as you could tell.. not much of a sunrise with all the cloud cover this morning


yippee.. a sunrise

well almost.. not much to see but at least NO freezing fog or ice around as in this morning’s forecast.. 31*..the sun peaked thru the rest of the day with some clouds.. a whole lot better than it has been.. got up to 49*..  I checked our average normal temps for this time of year  60/40.. so we’re not even close to being normal

a sunrise??.. better than it has been lately

here I am again.. a pic of a pic of moi

Cooter Creek–only in the south
just hanging out
a pair of Juvenile Bald Eagles
Red Bellied Woodpecker at the feeder

got lucky with the weather today

rains kept up all last nite into early this morning.. heck I forget what the sun looks like… luckily the temps stayed just above the freezing point and got up into the high 30’s this afternoon.. so no ice or snow for us..north of us from Richmond thru DC- Baltimore up to south Joisey they had snow..  not nice.. glad we missed it..  or did we.. tonite’s forecast  freezing fog–ice???

a few flakes.. a lot more ice

27* at 6am this morning with just a few snow flurries as forecasted..too few flakes so NO snowman   waaaa waaaaa waaaaa … changed to a light mist-drizzle by 8am.. yet another ICE storm–the kind that ices over everything above the ground but not the streets .. some weird crapola if you ask me.. was supposed to end by noon–it didn’t– still going on late this afternon.. guess the palm trees are in for a bad time again this winter–not good:(

fog rolls in..

along with some higher early morning temps.. 50* at sunrise– which wasn’t– on this early Sunday foggy morning..  . sunrise??.. I think not.. fog.. fog and more fog..a couple of the regular dog-walkers could be seen but not for long in the pea-soup fog… left the beach and stopped on the island causeway before crossing da’ bridge for a couple of quik-pics as the sun popped out …forecast for snowy mix on Tuesday–I can’t wait..


HEAT.. better than yesterday morning although a lot of low clouds were around for the delayed sunrise..28*  very little wind… I stopped by the lake and noticed this Juvenile Bald Eagle looking for a meal on the opposite bank.. couldn’t tell what he was trying to do ..then finally realized he was after a turtle that was dead floating at the top…. or at least it didn’t move the entire time I was watching .. he stepped into the water and pulled the turtle covered in moss onto the bank.. finally after watching it he decided to fly away into the tree behind the green.. no breakfast for him..    here’s some info on  Bald Eagles  http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/bald_eagle/id    …scroll down and Juveniles are noted under ‘FIELD MARKS’ –scroll the pics to the right .. the Sun stayed out until mid-morning ..clouds moved in.. temps went up to 50* and the rains were here the rest of the day.. guess I can’t have everything.. sure beats the 13* from yesterday

geez it’s friggin’ cold

what am I nutz.. out on to the beach once again.. winds at North 20-25  …  25* temps windchill low teens.. only one other ‘crazy’ out there after I got there….even the forecast is off the wall showing possible snow on Tuesday….never got above 35* all day today..this is whacked…