just quiet

a quiet sunrise.. the lake as well.. ‘wet a line’..only pure hell– not a taker..ugh  🙂


even on a cloudy yucky day with a few sprinkles..

 I had to get out there early at the non-sunrise hour ..  wet a line at the local Oyster Bay lake.. got 2 Largemouth Bass landed.. lost 2 more.. all on Yami plastic worms.. the Osprey once again came out after the Bald Eagle and chased him across the lake where he landed on his regular perch..  on the drive home saw this guy just off the side of the road feasting on some ‘breakfast’.. I cloned out the ‘breakfast’…a Knockout Rose and a Bass Pro Shop’s Aquarium shot

kewler but nice

early morning before sunrise temps at 53*..a nice sunrise brought me down to the beach at 40th street.. got busy this morning at the beginning of a weekend with a regular dog-walker and a touron-jogger passing me by 🙂 😉   ..it was off to the lake on the drive back home…no hits as I tried wetting a line for a few minutes… the resident Osprey battled the local Bald Eagle while in flight once again as the Eagle got a bit too close to its nest ..Osprey chased the eagle to other side of lake–a regular happening on this side of the lake

panorama Sunrise
lines in the sand
before Sunrise looking up the ICW from on the Bridge

the runner
Osprey -top.. Bald Eagle- bottom
Bald Eagle about to land in tree across lake after Osprey chased him

keeping an eye on things at the lake

Knockout Rose

clouds it is

as it spoiled the sunrise.. oh well.. but it turned into a nice sunny day in the low 70’s so not too bad at all.. and a few signs near the beach access

a panorama on the beach.. where’s the sun
Sunset Beach Pier at low tide
a different view
the sun peaked thru

another nice morning

‘it don’t get no more better-er’ than this… except if there were fish in the surf.. out before Sunrise down at 40th street on Sunset Beach as a few deer greeted me as I was walking across the dunes-walkway.. just one dog-walker passed me by the entire time I was on the beach..  a nice quiet peaceful sunny morning

greeted by these gals along the dunes-walkway

lone dog-walker
foamy lines in the surf

there’s always a need for some more reels

the SUN–Finally

an all day sunny blue sky kinda day–FINALLY..after a weeks worth of rain it was nice to see blue sunny skies once again…. thought it was over yesterday morning with the sun shining all morning.. then the clouds moved in for some more rain

the SUN heading down for the nite
Knockout Roses
Sunny at the Lake

still raining..4 days of this

s#!+..same forecast thru Monday then hopefully a couple of sunny days..don’t need no more stinkin’ rain… arrrrggghhh 😦  ..the sun surprisingly popped thru the clouds a lil’ while ago just in time for a sunset.. at least some Knockout Roses and other flowers bloomed with all this standing water we have lying around..

a non-sunrise with plenty of rain
raining in Myrtle Beach earlier this afternoon
a Knockout Rose
a Clematis flowering
ahhh..a lil’ bit of the sun peeked out

Sunrise..Lake..and back yard Azaleas

a nice early morning.. tried my luck wetting a line at the lake once again.. just 3 hits–no takers..the Azaleas are late blooming this year with all the frost and rain we’ve had..  75* and mostly sunny.. overall a nice day with some late clouds moving in..as we spent the day shopping on our usual Sunday shopping trek down to Myrtle Beach — Costco and Bass Pro Shops

Sunrise popping up over the ICW atop the Sunset Beach Bridge
walk across the Dunes walkway at the beach

Pier webcam–look close between the 2 windows at the top

Brewers Blackbird–a ‘regular’ at the Lake

our backyard Azaleas blooming late because of frost lots of rain

Lady Banks Roses

at the beach..at the lake.. hook’em up

low tide at the beach at sunrise this morning so didn’t wet a line.. 65* and No wind… stopped at the lake on the drive home.. caught 4 LM-Bass.. 3 smaller ones and a chubby dood–as ALWAYS Catch & Release of course..  stopped fishing when the 6′ Gator showed up and wouldn’t leave… a PITA!.. sunny all day.. temps got up to high 70’s once again

Sunrise at the beach
one of four Largemouth Bass
one of the other 3 lil’ doods
before Sunrise at the mouth of the Calabash River
before Sunrise looking up the ICW on the Bridge
a lone dog-walker

a construction worker
resident Osprey looking for a meal at the Lake

he saw me catchin’ and wouldn’t leave.. he’s a PITA