Day 9- Quebec City

after yesterday’s turnaround day in hot Montreal we sailed back up the St Lawrence River to Quebec City once again..decided to walk to the local Market on this crisp 50* Sunday morning with Frank & Linda..then a walk to the lower level of the city to Petit de Champlain district for some more browsing in the shops


Day 8- Montreal

sailed into this big city with a lot warmer temps than up to 88* on this hot day..walked the downtown area..popped into a couple of churches..nice day as we set sail back on this turnaround day..tomotrow back to Quebec City

Day 7– Quebec City

up on deck early for Sunrise at 0458am..seems I was the only crazy out and about at that time of the morning.. kewl morning at 51*..warmed up nicely to 75* and sunny all day.. walked the upper and lower levels of the city..   be back here in 2 days on Sunday on the cruise back.. tomorrow we sail down the river for our stop in Montreal

Day 6–At Sea St Lawrence River

missed the 430am sunrise.. clocks moved back—-thought it was at 530am..oh well…  got up on deck at 520am just before the ship passed thru a low lying cloud–not FOG –but an actual cloud..great pics as the temp inside the cloud plumeted 15-20*  ..wild stuff…it was ‘around the bend then southbound’ from Charlottetown into the St Lawrence River ( see TV capture map pic) for our day at sea toward our next port–Quebec City– arrival tomorrow morning

the rest  taken with Note 4 phone

back in the cabin ..our location

Day 5-Charlottetown PEI

arrived at 9am in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island .. we walked into town onto Queen Street with our friends Frank and Linda.. stopped at Tim Horton’s for some donuts.. a quaint downtown.. back on to the ship for a special PEI Mussels Lunch.. then back out once again for a visit to Cows for some Gooey-Mooey + Chip Chip Hooray Ice Cream—-the best around..  

Day 3– Halifax, Nova Scotia

arrived what weather.. got up to a sunny 70*..beautiful..walked the Harborwalk in downtown Halifax with Frankie D and Linda..Cows Ice Cream on the way- Gooey Mooey what else..decided to take the short ferry ride across the bay to Dartmouth..walked some more..back across to Halifax..met Captain Ana while walking back ..did some port shopping..then it was back on the ship..

Day 2 — Bar Harbor Maine

we arrived here at the Massdam’s anchorage in the bay in Bar Harbor overcast 49* morning..winds were up..10* warmer than last year at this time..plenty of lobster pots EVERYWHERE…warmed up nicely to 70* with the sun shining .. great day to walk around town with our friends Frankie D and Linda.. then back at the ship it was off to a Wine Tsting.. why did I go.. it was FREE for 4 & 5 star mariners.. and all the others convinced me to go… silly stuff

Lobster Traps in the Bay

Day 1–Boston

onboard the Maasdam at 1130am..  lots of familiar faces–staff.. good to be back ‘home’.. sailaway was at 4pm for our next port–Bar Harbor, Maine tomorrow morning..toot..toot and we were outta there