clouds and nice

a cloudy early morning at sunrise so skipped the beach and headed over to the ICW to wet a line.. first started in the park… nada.. then moved over to the small Pier under the bridge.. more nada.. the sun peaked out late and the clouds disappeared making it another nice sunny day..only got up to the high 80’s — a break after all those 90* days


whew .. a quiet Sunday morning

nice.. not many cars or people around then again it’s well before 6am on the drive over to the beach .. water again was dirty brown with winds whipping from the SW at 20-25 so left the fishing rod in the truck–why bother..  headed down to Myrtle for a shopping day.. rains came thru around 6pm..

wind is up..sand is blowing

and it was still ‘cookin’ .. 82* before Sunrise at the beach.. plenty of dogwalkers– the usual suspects..  up to 90* today until the downpour late morning..forecast shows in the 90’s for the next two weeks except for tomorrow..

can it be topped..

after yesterday’s sooper-dooper ‘red sky in the morning’ it was kinda hard to top that… this morning was a bust.. way too many low clouds spoiled any chance of a sunrise.. just went down to the beach ..stayed a while..snapped a few pics and I was outta there..

a zoomed-in Pier shot from half a mile away
Turtle Watchers group hit the beach early
Momma Osprey watching the baby
say what

‘….sailor take warning’

 with this ‘red sky in the morning’— about 15 minutes before Sunrise at the beach today.. large strong thunderstorms overnite along with major storms just south of us that luckily went offshore and out to sea had this sky red.. a sunrise never developed as the low clouds took over .. actually turned into a nice day in the high 80’s and sunny

Panorama at the beach

look close.. the Gator is there on the bank

early at the beach

drove over to the beach well before Sunrise..had intended to fish the surf.. SW winds were up at 15-20.. water was running fast.. got back to uglee dirty grrenish brown –all churned up..not too good .. snapped some pics and headed home

another hot one

temps are up..  82* before sunrise.. humidity is up there too.. headed to the beach at 40th street to catch the Sunrise.. lots of low clouds so it was ‘delayed’ a bit.. snapped a few pics on this early Sunday morning.. people all over the place.. a few deer too.. no fish as I wet a line at the lake

lots of storms.. clouds at the beach

got hammered overnite with monster thunderstorms.. a lightning show.. clouds hanging around at the beach so it was an almost non-sunrise.. Mister gator was out and about at the lake.. as soon as I stepped out of the truck he swam toward the bank .. not nice.. probably so many tourons this time of year have been feeding him… didn’t even attempt to get the fishing rod out whicle he hung around