‘wetting a line’ at sunrise

another beautiful 67* early morning at Sunrise.. I decided to ‘wet a line’ in the surf because it was high tide… plenty of Ladyfish jumping out beyond the breakers–actually about 3 waves out just far enuff to be out of my casting reach… had two hookups.. plenty of jumping  but both spit the hook and never landed.. that’s okay though.. better than it has been fishing the surf around here with the water  being so warm..still 84* water temps..


a cooler morning at sunrise

..only 68* with a North wind at 10.. an abbreviated sunrise with low cloud cover but as always still nice..

a shrimp boat on the ICW heading to the Inlet
a cutey at the Lake front

the tourons are gone for the most part..

this the last day before most of the schools open in NC and SC ..it sure is getting quiet.. NICE  🙂  . trying to do a lil’ surf-fishing—now only if the fish would cooperate in the dog days of this HOT HOT summer..  it has been the most 90* days we’ve seen– 2 months worth– since being down here the last 25 years..

a quiet morning

got to the beach well before sunrise…’red sky in the morning..’ wet a line in the surf with no takers..plenty of Dolphin running just off the beach.. a few dogwalkers  … and the rain came just after I left the beach–rained off/on all day..

before sunrise.. ‘red sky in the morning…’

Panorama at Sunrise on the beach

some color

at suntrise been trying some surf-fishing… what a waste of tuime…  it’s like the water is poisoned..  so what else is new this is Sunset Beach…  played around with my Canon SX50 mega-zoom camera.. cranked up the settings to get a colorful silouette of da’ Pier at sunrise.. a fiery sky

from a half-mile away from the Pier a lil’ bit of sunrise color