nice to see Mister Sun

once again after all these past few days of rain off/on.. did our walk on the beach at Sunrise this morning with super high tides from this past Saturday’s Full Moon making it a bit more difficult to walk to the jetties as the tide continued to rise and block the beach access.. we walked a bit more than  half way  and then extended our walk back to the pier.. a bit of a shortened route but still  well over 3 miles total.. on the drive home had to stop as a small Gator crossed over from the ICW marsh to Oyster Bay Lake.. had to pull over snap a few quik-pics.. as he scurried away

the Moon peeking out behind the heavy clouds in the western sky

what’s left of Mad inlet–now filled in

he stopped and posed for a smiley-pic

then off he went back home to the Lake


rain rain and more rain..

 looks like we’ll miss this Total Lunar Eclipse with a Supermoon on Sunday night –so what else is new–with all the rain in the area up and down the East Coast …has been for 3 days now.. more on the way ..even without the rain the clouds will do it in…  oh well

a couple of links with more info

 Total Lunar Eclipse + Supermoon

How To Photograph the Moon

fishermen.. birds and a Sunrise

this morning.. while on our daily 4+ mile walk on the beach at Sunrise saw this ‘touron- fisherman’ at the East Jetty at Little River Inlet– about a 100 yds across the state line into SC from NC..told him about it a couple of days before..he said it was a long walk from the last dunes walkway access .. then again we knew that.. so what did he come up with.. vrrrroooommm… vrrrrooooommmmm

nicely done.. no walkin’ for this guy

Kindred Spirit Mailbox  and Flag

another fisherman up the beach casting
an old motor–still here from last October
a closer view

pretty day again

still doing our walking getting ready for…….????   more walking like we did last year in late October.. ya never know where we will be

Mister Sun on fire

a fisherman at the East Jetty–Little River inlet

another walk on a pretty morning

back to the ‘act’ again.. walking just over 4 miles this morning ..started before Sunrise down to the Little River Inlet Jetty….69*  and a 5mph North breeze.. it don’t get no more ‘better-er’ than that.. it’s a weekend Saturday morning so a lot of dogwalkers and weekend tourons were out and about

sky on fire

BEFORE Sunrise this morning as we set out for another 4+ mile walk onto Sunset Beach from 40th street down to the Little River Inlet Jetties into SC.. what a sky.. it was short lived as the dull clouds took over making for a non-sunrise.. glad we got to see it early during twilight time ….  the WALK

a before-Sunrise walk on the beach

started before Sunrise –walked from 40th street on Sunset Beach west to Bird Island to the Little River East Jetty and back.. 4.16 miles.. lots of beach erosion ..considerably more than from the last time we walked this way late last year.. stopped at the Kindred Spirit Mailbox..
click this link for an interactive   Map of the Walk on the Beach

Panorama of the beach at the East Jetty
map of the beach and our walk
a bright Sunrise
lots of erosion

bottom of the East Jetty on the beach

BOTh sides of the East Jetty at Little River Inlet

looking across LR Inlet toward the West Jetty and N. Myrtle Beach

Semipalated Plover at the Jetty

waves crashing over the outside East Jetty
fishing boat heading out LR Inlet

looking for bait

Kindred Spirit Mail Box

an ‘imposter’

Casey and his owner– regulars every morning

the dogwalkers group
looking south from the Dunes Walkway at 40th Street
a Shrimp Boat dragging its nets
Pampas Grass in the bright sunlight

on a pretty day  worthy of a wash and wax
nice and shiny.. say Hi