Day 2–At Sea– Happy Halloween

what a great day.. a pretty sunrise as I went up on the bow on the Sky Deck.. flat calm seas.. no wind.. temps got up to the low 80’s..  sat out on the Navigation Deck .. off to trivia after lunch in the Crow’s nest.. we won.. back outside getting some more rays… Gala dinner then on to Pub Trivia–we won again.. showtime at 8pm.. not to my liking.. everyone else liked it though.. it was then çookie-time with Frankie D  Linda and Big Al.. where in the heck did Ron and Barbara go.. missing in action??


Day 1– Ft Lauderdale onboard

arrived at Port Everglades after turning in our Hertz Rental..met Frank & Linda in the terminal and Big Al onboard..plenty of repeat passengers from the 4 prior Europe Maasdam cruises—the ‘usual suspects’ ….getting ready to untie the lines at 4pm as we set sail for our first port..San Juan PR …arrival on Monday morning


heading south..

our long awaited cruise is finally here..our ship passed our place at the NC-SC border north of Myrtle Beach earlier this morning in the overnite heading south from NY to Port Everglades while just offshore.. ya’ think it woulda stopped by and picked us up for crying out loud.. more info and Ship’s position… 

driving down to Ft Pierce right now for an overnite then on to Port Everglades Friday morning to embark the ship.. Italia here we come—great place..great FOOD.. great people ..great FOOD.. did I mention great FOOD .. if you’ve never been to Italia well worth getting there… a fabulous place especially if it’s part of your family heritage:)

Day ..Date …….Port  ………….Arrive   …..  Depart
0     30 Oct 2015     Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US         04:00 PM
1     31 Oct 2015     At Sea       
2     01 Nov 2015     At Sea       
3     02 Nov 2015     San Juan, Puerto Rico     08:00 AM     05:00 PM
4     03 Nov 2015     Philipsburg (St. Maarten), AN     08:00 AM     03:00 PM
5     04 Nov 2015     At Sea       
6     05 Nov 2015     At Sea       
7     06 Nov 2015     At Sea       
8     07 Nov 2015     At Sea       
9     08 Nov 2015     At Sea       
10     09 Nov 2015     At Sea       
11     10 Nov 2015     Santa Cruz (Tenerife), Spain     Noon     11:00 PM
12     11 Nov 2015     Las Palmas, Spain     08:00 AM     10:00 PM
13     12 Nov 2015     Puerto del Rosario, Spain     08:00 AM     05:00 PM
14     13 Nov 2015     At Sea       
15     14 Nov 2015     Tangier, Morocco     09:00 AM     06:00 PM
16     15 Nov 2015     Almeria, Spain     08:00 AM     06:00 PM
17     16 Nov 2015     Valencia, Spain     11:00 AM     06:00 PM
18     17 Nov 2015     Barcelona, Spain ON     08:00 AM   
19     18 Nov 2015     Barcelona, Spain         06:00 PM
20     19 Nov 2015     Palma de Mallorca, Spain     08:00 AM     06:00 PM
21     20 Nov 2015     At Sea       
22     21 Nov 2015     Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy     08:00 AM     09:00 PM
23     22 Nov 2015     Naples, Italy ON     10:00 AM   
24     23 Nov 2015     Naples, Italy         05:00 PM
25     24 Nov 2015     Messina, Italy     08:00 AM     05:00 PM
26     25 Nov 2015     At Sea       
27     26 Nov 2015     Piraeus (Athens), Greece     08:00 AM     06:00 PM
28     27 Nov 2015     Katakolon, Greece     10:00 AM     06:00 PM
29     28 Nov 2015     Kerkira, Corfu, Greece     08:00 AM     05:00 PM
30     29 Nov 2015     At Sea       
31     30 Nov 2015     Valletta, Malta ON     08:00 AM   
32     01 Dec 2015     Valletta, Malta         06:00 AM
32     01 Dec 2015     Mgarr (Victoria), Malta TR     08:00 AM     05:00 PM
33     02 Dec 2015     Palermo, Sicily, Italy     08:00 AM     05:00 PM
34     03 Dec 2015     Cagliari, Italy     08:00 AM     05:00 PM
35     04 Dec 2015     At Sea       
36     05 Dec 2015     Cartagena, Spain     08:00 AM     05:00 PM
37     06 Dec 2015     Gibraltar, British Territory     Noon     11:00 PM
38     07 Dec 2015     Cadiz (Seville), Spain     08:00 AM     06:00 PM
39     08 Dec 2015     Casablanca, Morocco     07:00 AM     09:00 PM
40     09 Dec 2015     At Sea       
41     10 Dec 2015     Funchal (Madeira), Portugal     08:00 AM     04:00 PM
42     11 Dec 2015     At Sea       
43     12 Dec 2015     At Sea       
44     13 Dec 2015     At Sea       
45     14 Dec 2015     At Sea       
46     15 Dec 2015     At Sea       
47     16 Dec 2015     At Sea       
48     17 Dec 2015     At Sea       
49     18 Dec 2015     Half Moon Cay, Bahamas TR     08:00 AM     03:00 PM
50     19 Dec 2015     Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US     07:00 AM    

super high tides + FULL Moon

first stopped at da’ Pier well before sunrise that wasn’t.. then down to 40th street at 730am this morning at high tide at ‘sunrise that wasn’t to check out the dunes damage .. what a hit the west end is taking with these super high tides since the storm that hit here earlier this month.. lots of dunes wiped out near the east jetty at Little River Inlet.. rained off/on all day today.. suxxxx

along the Causeway before sunrise and high tide

40th street right at high tide

walking off the beach on the dunes walkway

leaving the island along the causeway water still rising

ICW across from Oyster bay Lake on 179

the old house ‘at the bend’ on the ICW almost under water

a quiet non-sunrise and a new lens

got delivery yesterday on a new Canon 10-18is ultra-wide lens.. sure is a fun lens on my 60d at the right price.. took it out for play at the ‘non-sunrise cloudy as all hell hour’ this morning.. super high tides this week along with a Full Moon.. sun came out later in the day but it sure didn’t warm up the temps too much only 66* for a high.. not nice

nice walk at Sunrise after high tide–Sunset Beach

not much beach to walk on with the impending Full Moon in the next couple of days along with higher than high tides in the sunrise hour.. lots of erosion down at the West end nearer the Little River Inlet east Jetty…. sure doesn’t look good

well before Sunrise atop the Sunset Beach Bridge
before Sunrise on the beach at 40th street
Mister Sun shows up

breakfast of Menhaden in the surf

Little River Inlet, SC West Jetty

west end beach erosion
netters searching for SPOTS.. not doing so good

same with these guys.. empty nets

today is a nice special day for us– #43

heavy fog with temps at 54* this morning.. had appointments in Myrtle .. what a beautiful day it turned into.. sunny and 80*…. ‘7 days on a Wakeup’ to quote from the past and we’re outta here..  no shortimers stick needed here though…those in the know will understand that.. those who are wannabe’s will not…it’s back to Italia and old Napoli–our 5th year in a row going back there.. beautiful place .. greatest food in the world…Amalfi Coast magnificent… a chance to visit Italia –glad we got there and where our families came from.. well worth it.. the people always treat  us great and are super friendly..  if you ever get the chance to go — grab it.. you won’t be disappointed..

it doesn’t get any better than Il Pomodorino for lunch in Napoli