Day 32–Valletta, Malta

arrived on the island of Malta in the capital city-Valletta.. what a pretty day ..mid 60’s sunny blue skies perfect picture taking ..  hopped on the HoHo bus for a tour of the city..then it was a walk up on the upper level of the city on to the Ramblas..plenty of people out and about..saw the 12 noon Saluting Battery Cannon going off..pretty neat

a man in sheeps clothing


Day 31–at Sea

a quiet partly sunny day at sea with temps into the low 60’s…  flat seas were welcomed  as we putt putt putted along at about 10 kts for our slow sail down and over to the island of Malta in the central Med from Corfu, Greece.. we are scheduled to arrive there tomorrow morning at 7am.. . crazy stuff as Black Friday sales were held onboard today, Sunday… mostly junk as far as I was concerned..  Team Trivia at 1pm then it was off to the dining room for dinner as we said goodbye to our dining room steward Alfan who we’ve had on the Maasdam for the past 6 cruises– he leaves for his vacation tomorrow in Malta… we will miss him but at least he gets to see his new baby girl for the first time.. nice

Day 30– Corfu, Greece

after a sporting bumpy day at sea yesterday bypassing Katakolon, Greece due to severe weather conditions at that port we arrived late last nite..  went out to the Old Town at 10am after the light rain turned into a beautiful sunny day in the mid 60’s..we stopped and went into the Old Fortress ..and of course some free wifi at Mickey D’s before continuing to walk the beautiful city

Day 29–at Sea

as we were leaving Piraeus Athens last nite the Captain informed us that due to heavy seas and strong winds we were bypassing our next port Katakolon, Greece as we were unable to dock with those severe conditions..instead we are headed to Corfu, Greece our next scheduled port arriving 9pm tonite with an overnite stay…   the seas sure came up last nite at about midnite.. 15-18′ with 40 kt winds continued thruout the day today.. ‘sporting’ for sure…  the Med continues to be the worst overall conditions on this our 5th cruise on it..  breakfast in the dinign room with the gang of 5..some of the ‘usual suspects’ were spotted..    and there’s always ‘it’s a jungle out there’ just to add to the mix … a Black Friday junk sale on the ship.. followed by lunch in the Lido then Team Trivia in the Crow’s Nest.. lots of people missing… probably ”calling frank’ in their cabins.. many were also missing in the dining room at dinner…  wonderful

Day 27–at Sea

a bumpy day at sea as we crossed to the east in the Med on over to Piraeus, Greece home port for Athens..  partly sunny day with winds up to 40+kts.. we got a special surprise from the Staff Officers–Staff Captain Katherine Williams..2nd in Command  invited us and three other couples to take a tour of the ship’s bridge at 11am..a very unique invite that not many are privileged to be ask to..  many pics and plenty of questions for the bridge’s Navigation-staff on duty..  off to the showroom after dinner

Day 26– Messina, Sicily

a beautiful approach for the ship this morning into the port of Messina..been here before but always a favorite of ours..walked the downtown then on over to the Piazza at the Cathedral to watch the famous clocktower as it struck and sounded the noon hour.. what a sight..took a video that I’ll post later when the internet is a lot faster


Day 25 –Napoli 2

breakfast in the dining room then off the ship by 10am..a walk into town..the light rain of course started..some shopping then decided on a lite lunch-Napoli Pizza the best of the best..Pat had her favorite ‘broccoli rabe’ .. a lil’ bit of vino ..thatsa nice


Day 24–Napoli 1

due to severe weather conditions the Captain informed us last evening that we would not leave Civitavecchia port until 7am this morning.. our Naples arrival has been pushed up to 5pm today forcing us to cancel our Amalfi Coast tour..  still windy at sea.. big rollers.. sunny but temps went way down to 48* overnite  until mid morning rising to mid 50’s by mid-afternoon…  seas calmed down a lot on the 2 hours prior to our arrival in the Bay of Naples..  our revised plan is to take the short walk into town from the cruise dock over to our favorite restaurant Il Pomodorino to have dinner..the three P’s—- Pizza ….Pasta and then on over to the small Pastry shop… Ron and Barbara joined us.. great meal back to the ship for a late show and to the Lido

Day 23–Rome

we actually arrived here in Civitavecchia the port for Rome late last nite to stay ahead of a bad storm .. an early morning tour had us leave the port of Civitavecchia for the 1+ hour bus ride to downtown Rome.. having been here 4x before we decided to just do some highlites as well as visit St Peters at the Vatican.. a rainy late morning kept us in line at the Vatican.. wet wet wet.. worth the wait under soggy conditions to get inside St Peters.. after the visit a walk to a local restaurant for a nice I-Tal-yun lunch of lasagna.. and tiramisu with plenty of Chianti.. a lil’ local shopping afterwards and then the bus ride back to the ship.. windy as hell at the port… Captain gave a last minute advisory due to the poor weather conditions that we would stay overnite in port and leave for Naples our next stop at 7am with a late afternoon arrival.. slow internet so not many pics while on the ship..more to follow later