after a wet and foggy drive home

still trying to recover from that trip to the north..the southbound drive was a mess and took an hour longer than usual..then again it’s always ‘fuglee’..plenty of mist.. fog and a deluge of rain as we went by the Richmond area along the I-95 corridor.. traffic just made for a miserable drive home…… ringing in the New Year tonite with Denise and Tom coming over for our annual New Year’s Eve dinner–Prime Rib on the menu… missing Fran and Bill this year–wherever it finds you guys–have a Happy & Healthy New Year

Delaware Memorial Bridge
Rt 1 Bridge Newark, Delaware
a ‘must’  a DD stop in Delaware
Annapolis Bay bridge
Nice Bridge over Potomac River Md to Va border
James River Bridge I-295 near Richmond

Brooklyn Bye Bye

left Brooklyn this morning..headed south back home.. the sign is still there at the foot of the Verrazano Bridge on the Belt Pkwy.. it says it all

an early morning walk thru Sheepshead Bay

no sunrise again..haven’t seen the sun for more than a half hour since we got here..took an early morning walk down to Emmons Avenue and the Fishing Boat docks.. picked up some Brooklyn Bagels at Emmons Bagels across from the docks .. Randazzo’s Clam Bar still hanging in there among all the Russian restaurants that have taken hold over all these years..walked across the newly repaired Ocean Ave walkway bridge that connects Sheepshead Bay to Manhattan Beach– the hoity-toity neighborhood… essentially the old neighborhoods are gone– here in name only.. what a shame.. as I always say these last few years.. ‘MEMORIES’ are a lot better than being here these days.. and so it goes

he’s on his way

ho..ho…ho.. ..he’s on his way..he even had to hitch a ride with us on the Maasdam for the Atlantic crossing..BTW he ain’t happy..all this rain coulda been SNOW..  and a CLASSIC ‘Twas da Nite Before Christmas’—da Brooklyn version

‘on the road again’

after 3 days at home unpacking and repacking heading out for the drive North to Brooklyn to visit relatives for Christmas.. not where I want to be but I gotta..  leave here in a lil’ while ..picking up another Hertz rental  for the week in the ‘zoo’.. the COUNTDOWN begins

enroute home–Ft Lauderdale

arrived  in Port Everglades, Ft Lauderdale at 5am this morning..back to the ‘real zoo’ and the drive home.. touchdown at 830pm… ready for another–coulda stayed on for 50 more  days… unfortunately heading up north in 3 days for a drive up to Brooklyn for Christmas.. arrrrggghhh — then I’ll really need another cruise..


Day 50–Half Moon Cay, Bahamas–ALMOST

well..I knew it was going to be a bust for our stop in Half Moon Cay this morning..20-25 kt S-E winds and there was no chance that the ship could do a tender operation onto the island.. after numerous tries the Captain announced the bad news that we were going to bypass this pretty island.. it’s happened before but never on any of our 4 previous TransAtlantic crossings..we were to be in HMC with the Westerdam — it being a lot larger was able to tender.. a big disappointment for us not being able to land on HMC–a favorite island of ours..a slow ride back to Ft Lauderdale on this 80* sunny day at sea..  tomorrow we leave for the long drive back home

Day 49–At Sea

pretty day once again..79* and sunny blue skies with a bit more of a breeze than yesterday.. the ‘Maasdam Zoo’ was in full array near the Lido Pool area— every sort of towel animal you could think of was created and placed out there.. great stuff by the cabin stewards…more ‘rays’ in the morning then up for Team Trivia which we won once again.. started to begin our packing  with only 2 days to go.. Pub Trivia after dinner tonite..  we arrive in Half Moon Cay early tomorrow morning

Day 48–At Sea

another day at sea with even better weather conditions than yesterday..78*.. blue skies..flat glass-like seas.. a mild 5kt breeze.. super day as we cruise to Half Moon Cay ..Navigation Deck-aft with the usual Team Trivia after lunch.. our last Formal nite in the Dining Room –thankfully–Pub Trivia after dinner.. no show tonite  replaced by the Officer’s Black & White Ball.. Pat and Linda went.. me and Frank got lost..