Panama Canal Transit

heading down to F-L-A this early morning.. then pick up the ship–the Maasdam– on Tuesday for another roundtrip 28 day Panama Canal cruise.. we’ve done this full roundtrip Canal Transit before (5x) over the years but it is always an interesting voyage with plenty of wildlife and photo-ops especially when cruising the west coast of Central America up thru Panama.. Costa Rica ..and Mexico with a stop in Cabo– we hope ‘fast Eddie’ is still around–know him a long time– and the Baja for the run up to San Diego and the Zoo..  our friends Margaret and Peter from jolly ol’ Exmouth, England should be onboard –have known and sailed with them since 2001 way back on the Volendam.. also have plans to meet our friends Ron and Barbara from Center Moriches who will be in Puerto Vallarta when we get there–they stay in PV three months over the winter..   Travellerspoint Map of 28 Day Panama Canal cruise   View Full Size Travel Map at Travellerspoint..


wet a line.. ICW & the Lake

headed on over to the beach as per my usual before Sunrise on this pretty 40* early Sunday morning..a couple of the ‘usual suspects’–dogwalkers –and that was it.. stopped off at the boat landing on the ICW and wet a line for a half hour.. nada.. snapped a few pics then stopped at the Lake about a half mile away.. no takers there either..  fishing is slooooooow.. really slow..thought for sure the lake would give me a hookup as it did last February at this time.. nada..  lots of Ospreys flying above in this area over the weekend.. Ospreys as in the motor-flying kind.. must be on maneuvers ..heading back and forth maybe down to Charleston.. snapped this one with the 60d and the 400mm lens

2 wuffs 

ICW after Sunrise
plenty of Ducks on the move North for Spring
an Osprey
a ‘lonesome Dove’
wetting a line at the ICW

a long crawl..

.a long crawl for this lil’ whelk of a snail.. a smidge ‘kewler’ than yesterday at 32* at Sunrise but nice and sunny thruout the day into the high 50’s.. packing we did.. getting ready to head ‘south-er-er’

crawling a line in the sand
wow.. it’s a long haul to the water

Happy..Smilie..Sunny Days

are here again.. 2 days in a row.. temps were down at Sunrise to 38* but got up to 59* this afternoon.. sunny all day …nice to see the sun once again..

looking west toward the Little River Jetties–quiet–just the Moon above

where’s the beer

Turkey Buzzard on his usual perch
and more of them

thought it would never stop

3 days of rain.. followed by strong winds 40mph+ and a Tornado Watch today that just ended.. enuff of this already, already.. glad to be getting outta here in 5 days.. headed down to F-L-A on Monday and then ‘ much more south-er-er’ for another adventure for 28 days

need some warmer waters..

around here to wake up those lazy fish..  nice morning in the 50’s.. got up to 75* this afternoon as we headed down to Myrtle for our usual Sunday shopping starting at Costco–where else

mouth of the Calabash River before Sunrise
after sunrise along the island causeway

back to normal at the one around

looking up and down the beach at sunrise—ahhhhh…  empty…good stuff.. sunny blue skies all day with temps getting up to the mid 50’s.. forecast for 60’s+ this upcoming week

just a minute before Sunrise
the Sun breaks the horizon
so nice
beer foam ??
a lone gull at the surf-line
looking west toward Little River Inlet jetties
the truck is clean
playing around with the 10-18 ultrawide lens

a crowded beach

well about 10 peeps were walking around.. 9 more than yesterday.. overcrowding at the worst– ‘what a revoltin’ development this is’   only 34* but pleasant with no wind.. nice day up to 59* and sunny blue skies..  spring cleaning.. what a PITA  🙂

at the beach

at the ICW
a lone sailor heading south on the ICW
just hanging out at the Calabash River

at least it isn’t snow..

got to the beach before Sunrise this morning.. sea foam up and down the beach.. at least it isn’t snow..only one dog-walker around.. nice and quiet–just like I like it. ..and what it is what is Sea Foam

no snow here
just a lot of sea foam

looking west down the beach toward Little River Inlet jetty
‘ribbitt.. ribbitt’