too crowded for me these days

after a cloudy 48* morning turned into a nice sunny 60* day.. not bad… constant places to park.. multi-dwelling houses on top of each other.. getting close–almost outta here  🙂

oh how I love the Belt

that’s the Belt Pkwy…still doing major construction on it like it has been the past 40+ years or so…it never stops..along with traffic backups..what a miserable place to have to live..drove out to hicksville for a shopping stop..also stopped by the cemetery for our parents graves to say a prayer..a stop at the I-Tal-Yun market close by..Sunset over the roofs in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

kewl mornings at sunrise

the past two early  mornings — 43*  at the beach at Sunrise..  thankfully by late morning it got up to 71* and sunny…  still quiet on the sand.. very few tourons roaming if any…  a few local dog-walkers.. checked out the new bike lanes along Main st.. they are still ‘a work in progress’ ..