Memorial Day.. a SALUTE

let us never forget those that have served and paid the ultimate price for our freedom.. a SALUTE from the heart from this Vietnam Veteran

a fitting tribute video

our visit to Pearl Harbor Memorial Feb 2013

oil slick still runs


a blah sunrise .. and a tropical storm

with low cloud cover.. a stop on the way home at the Lake and Momma Osprey sitting in her nest awaiting Poppa-Osprey bringing back a nice fishy breakfast..  they are the regulars at the Lake..they sure do build massive size nests… no Bald Eagle family this year–usually between mid-January and May..  they do not get along too well with their Osprey cousins..the rain started mid-afternoon.. Tropical Storm Bonnie is just south of us off the coast of Charleston where it should make landfall sometime on Sunday  Bonnie’s position

a nice day– before the storms approach

a pretty day here got up to 82* and sunny… dog-walkers meet ‘tourons’ at Sunrise as the Holiday weekend approaches.. NOAA showing a Tropical Low system between Bahamas and the s/e coast.. 90% chance of forming.. washed.. waxed and shined the truck

four Deer+ friend(lower left) catchin’ some breakfast
here’s the friend .. a lil’ dood

Live Oak with Spanish Moss at the ICW
my lil’ buddy approves of the wax and shine today
a few more Gardenias

nice weather so far..

headed over to the beach before the 605am Sunrise..  a few dog-walkers and some ‘tourons’  on the beach and were already in town for the Memorial Holiday weekend—forecast is for rain rain and more rain..  ahhh a few flowers in bloom in the yard on this sunny 83* day..just had to wash the truck.. ‘just because’.. forecast is for rain rain and more rain thru the Holiday weekend

look close

check out the Shrimper

got it

online with Note 4 with Pier WebCam

Gardenias in bloom



an e-z laid back kinda day

off to the beach before Sunrise..the usual suspects the regular dogwalkers  making their way along the sand..the Moon was still out.. 53* and a bit kewl..calm seas but the water was just past low tide and not too good for any kind of fishing in the surf.. tried wetting a line at the ICW pier..nada..  a nice sunny day up to 81* ..perfect weather to be doing nuttin’   🙂

ahhh.. the Sun is shining.. finally

after all the rainy and cloudy days we’ve been having temps were a bit on the ‘kewler’ side at 59* this early morning after sunrise.. stopped down at the ICW under the bridge to wet a line as well as a short pic stop at the Lake and pond on the drive home.. mid 70’s and sunny most of the day

c’mon.. thought this crapola was over

holy macaroni.. brrrrr before sunrise at the beach this morning.. 48*.. gotta be some kinda record for us..decided to wet a line in the surf.. nice water 72* just one lousy bump plugin’.. no one out there except a couple of dog-walkers..’tourons’ are hiding with these kewl temps.. got up to 77* this afternoon–sunny.. awaiting the heavy rains tomorrow morning.. an Anhinga sitting around by the Lake on the drive home..  looks out and sees a small Gator approaching.. and ‘beats feet’

another nice one

off to the beach at 40th Street..a few dog-walkers  with the beach mostly deserted on this Saturday morning.. thought for sure the ‘tourons’ would be in town–guess not.. a stop off on the drive home at the Lake.. Ospreys were at their regular nest