gonna get rained on..

crossing the Rt 17 ICW Bridge on my way back  from Home Depot in North Myrtle Beach this uglee angry sky.. not nice


different views

no not a waste of time with politics.. but of this morning’s non-sunrise with lots of low clouds.. got up to 87* this afternoon.. then got blasted at around 6pm with a nasty thunderstorm…

before sunrise on the Sunset Beach Bridge

a look out the truck’s window

heading home overlooking the ICW after sunrise

reflections at the lake

da’ truck


a last minute day-trip to Charleston

decided on a whim being the weather and temps were gonna be so nice today that it would be a good time to get down to Charleston.. 85* and sunny with a nice breeze at the Battery Park area..later this week was forecast for 96*–not too good ..walked the Battery Park waterfront .. and Rainbow Row.. in/out of the streets with all the old restored historical homes..snapped those pics as we haven’t been there in a few months.. Charleston is always a pleasant city to walk around and enjoy its beauty

crossing Charleston’s Ravenel Bridge
East Bay Street heading downtown
an unusual ‘Cotton Wreath’

the Battery waterfront

Battery Park

Two Meeting Street B&B

no it’s NOT the home of Algonquin J Calhoun

Calhoun Mansion grounds

an oldie but goodie–Jeep

Carnival Ecstasy docked downtown

Crepe Myrtle’s sans bark
heading home.. a perfect day in Charleston

at the Beach..and Lake on Father’s Day

started off to be a quiet early morning Sunrise at the beach.. some ‘peeps’ walking and pic-taking.. along with the usual regular dogwalkers.. left the beach and stopped at the Lake.. wet a line today with lots of bumps and bites but no hookups like yesterday.. watching the Ospreys  with Papa catching breakfast and dropping it off at the nearby nest .. Papa Osprey just went on over to the next treetop drying out his wings and along comes the blackbirds to bother him… all of a sudden there’s a ‘dogfight’ in the sky…. after chasing off the blackbirds Papa Osprey back to his perch to get some rest–after all it’s Father’s Day.. Happy Father’s Day to all 🙂

a new Sea Turtle nest

a few ‘Turtle-ettes’
down low

Papa Osprey not happy with the Blackbirds

Blackbird on Osprey’s tail– look close

a tough battle.. now resting
heading towards me at the lake.. about 6 footer
they grew up fast.. yellow pin feathers not long ago
Bluejay in a tree in our front yard

a quiet early Saturday morning at the beach

.. stopped off at the beach for a late sunrise with low clouds.. then back across the bridge to the mainland and stopped at the local lake where I wet a line.. snagged a couple of small Largemouth Bass–catch and release of course.. found the old dood–Ali- with the cutoff tail.. haven’t seen him around in a while which I guess is a good thing..

let the sunshine in

after last nite’s heavy t-storms a nice morning at the beach.. local dogwalkers and more and more ‘tourons’ each day as summer nears

down low– a different perspective
happy  with the sun shining once again

local dogwalkers
dunes walkway at the beach
looking up the ICW after Sunrise

 tourons learned the hard way..wind and more wind

Corvette Show–Myrtle Beach

the annual Corvette show hosted by the local Corvette Club.. always go except for the past two years when we were on our cruises to Boston/Quebec/Montreal.. well over a 150+ cars.. beautiful day.. a bit warm at 90* and sunny with pretty blue skies..  as always click on any pic to make it larger.. keep on clicking them for a pic by pic slideshow

Jim S lands a double-header
who else would be so ‘kewl’

up close and online with the Pier Web-Cam
Sid Vicious bringing one in
as only Sid would do– over the rail and in the pail
waves crashing under da’ Pier
Agave plant sprouting
da’ Sprout

looking down the ICW from atop the Sunset Beach Bridge