whew.. a hot one early

early before Sunrise headed over to the beach as always.. 84* with 89% Humidity..heavy thick air.. low clouds made for a ‘late Sunrise’..  stopped at the lake on the drive home..an Anhinga  taking it e-z on the grass near the pond.. an Alligator on the bank .. a couple of Great  Egrets.. the Osprey family .. a Fox Squirrel in his notch in the tree.. more Great Egrets on their perch–actually on the Woodstork’s perch.. they weren’t around this morning..  a drive down to Myrtle Beach for our weekly shopping trek.. a few Geese and Ducks relaxing across from their Pond under the shade of some trees.. and had to snap some more Helicopter-tourist ride shots .. got up to 96* this afternoon .. thunder boomers sounding but little rain..

Anhinga relaxing on the bank of the pond

Hay Frankie wake up
Frankie look behind you will ya’
oops–thanx Johnnie
Mama Osprey on the nest
Papa Osprey 2 trees away

tourist helicopter rides

taking a needed relaxing rest

okay.. what’s he doing
making soap bubbles what else

tripods on the back of the bike


a nice day to remember

retired 26 years ago today.. and never looked back..made the move 3 days later down to southeastern NC along the coast and still lovin’ it.. got up to 100* this afternoon… cookin’.. fixed the mailbox in the HEAT.. what am I nutz or what..


40th street on the beach

thought it would be a bit quieter with less ‘tourons’ around.. this was not the case..it’s an invasion.. can’t wait for another month to go by and they’ll all be gone…

early morning after Harvest Full Moon

Sunshine on my shoulder

they always say.. owners look like their dogs

the beach.. lake..ICW and some wildlife

a nice kewler than normal 73*.. a pleasant early morning as I drove over to the beach for some snaps.. again crowded .. guess they’ll be no letup for the next month.. stopped at the ICW at the park then on to the lake.. gator on the bank.. not moving with another watching from the water’s edge..  met up with John P at Mavericks for some java talk

a Panorama at Sunrise

heading out for some action

Woodstorks in unison

Sunset Beach Park –ICW

Juke Box at Mavericks Java Cafe