Kitchen Craziness–Day 27

the regular  ‘crew’ was back bright and early this Monday morning..they installed lots of trim pieces .. more still on order… the Granite-guys got here just after noon today… did the install with the new sink …and  the crew installed the new faucet –not hooked up yet as it has to seat first for 24 hours under the Granite Countertop ..they also installed the Stovetop in the island….it’s getting there…more trim work then tile work for the back-splash…that’s about 2 more weeks away as supplies are on order.. at least we can start putting back what was taken out of the old cabinets..


low clouds.. but okay at the beach

lots of low clouds spoiled the sunrise.. got a few after-sunrise pics then on over to the Lake on the drive home for a lil’ bit of wildlife pics

Panorama at the non-sunrise
gotta have some color

some kid’s toy


resting on the T-Box
ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  🙂

Woodstork coming in for a tree landing
almost there
pretty close
Great Egret at the lake

a 4-banger Scout flyin’ low down the ICW
a lil’ guy running across the road–ICW to the lake

Ibis’ in the Marsh


Crepe Myrtle

a big ball of orange

just a nice sunrise as the beach gets quieter this week with most schools starting on Monday…

Panorama at Sunrise
an Orange Ball of Sun on da’ Pier
Sandpiper at the surf’s edge
Sandcastle washing away
Dune walk toward the ocean
Pampus Grass in the Dunes
Ibis’ in the Marsh
Woodstork landing in Tree at the Lake

Kitchen Craziness–Day 23

after 2 weeks of patiently waiting on the Granite Countertops and a delivery this past Tuesday of  cabinet trim materials the crew was at it again.. repositioned the fridge.. installed the in-cabinet oven and microwave.. installed the base pre-trim.. they’ll hopefully be back on Monday when the Granite Countertops are supposed to arrive and be installed.. right on schedule so no complaints except the house is still in ‘TFC’–Total Friggin’ CHAOS… a few pics from late this afternoon

Sunrise.. and a few ‘friends’ at the Lake

a ‘kewl’ morning at 68*–unusual for this area in the middle of summer.. the sun was shining at the beach.. a stop at the lake on the drive home for a few snaps.. and some ‘fish for breakfast’

a ‘before sunrise’ sky
popping up
as low as I can go
an ‘after sunrise’ sky
Sammy hitching a ride as usual
Momma & Papa left him all alone
are you looking at me
snoozing near the green
living dangerously
okay.. wait for me
it’s fish for breakfast
Red-tail Hawk
brown cuddly bear

quiet at Sunrise

it’s getting there at the beach–the end of the touron season– tourons are movin’ out as school-time approaches in most states.. caught this unusual cloud formation in a Panorama .. a shopping day down in Myrtle and the Helicopter rides still running..

panorama by the sea

some color at Sunrise

at the beach for a nice sunrise.. school started already just across the border in SC this past week.. starts in NC next week on the 29th–later than normal.. tourons should be gone by then –yippee:)

Panorama with the Note 4 phone
as always Sammy hitches a ride

Panorama with my 80d
Zzooom in for lots of color
Pampus Grass on the Dunes
ICW just after Sunrise

a regular occurrence

every week I see the same between these two–the Egret and the Gator– in the same location staring each other down..

ICW pier

looking over the dunes at the ocean
Pampus Grass on the dunes
about to get some breakfast
he moves away
who’s watching who

in for a landing
Mama Osprey in the nest