Day 4–at Sea —Happy Halloween

another nice early morning with perfect 75* weather..  plenty to do with a Mariner’s reception at 11am in the showroom.. Team trivia at 2pm with a short rain-squall passing over us.. a lil’dress-up for Happy Halloween.. Abba-fab was the show tonite.. we saw them last year on the Maasdam.. great show as they did songs from Mama Mia and a lot of the great Abba hits


Day 3–at Sea

wow.. a nice morning.. not the best-est of Sunrises with some low scattered clouds but the Sun was shining.. thank you Captain for that good forecast..a few rays on the Lido Deck-aft in the morning … the clocks make that first move forward this afternoon at 1pm as we continue our journey east across the ‘big pond’..  ..Team Trivia after lunch..Pub Trivia after Dinner..

Day 2– at Sea

30 knot winds and ruff seas made it a bit ‘bumpy’ as we head across the ‘big pond’.. this morning we were sailing thru the eastern most Bahama islands .. we were invited to the Staff Engineer’s table for Dinner on this first Formal nite..a nice surf and turf dinner..  hopefully the skies will clear with the Sun shining tomorrow and the forecast will be as good as the Captain said it would be.. after dinner we all went to the showroom for tonite’s Midnite Hour show.. not to my liking with the ship’s singers and dancers

packing up

on this final day before we leave for our drive down to Florida tomorrow morning with our friends Tom & Denise ..a Hertz one-way rental Van was in order as we stop overnite in Ft Pierce at our regular Holiday Inn Express….we board Holland America’s Rotterdam late Friday morning for our cruise back over to Europe across the ‘big pond’..this will be our 6th year in a row doing this cruise with a few itinerary port changes this time around.. we also meet up onboard with our friends from Long Island– Ron and Barbara– who boarded the ship yesterday in NYC and are sailing down the coast as I write..

our Itinerary for the 42 day cruise

nice sunrise this morning…the Town’s contractor picked up the debris on our street this afternoon.. nice timing–glad to see it go..

wetting a line.. with the netters

got out to the surf to wet a line before Sunrise.. North winds at 10mph and 54* air temps with water temp down to 72*.. had some fresh menhaden a/k/a pogies a/k/a bunker.. not a hit.. small net boats all along the beach just beyond the surf.. and they had nuttin’ in their nets except for a few sharks that they throw out so they wash up on the beach.. what a waste.. still doing minor cleanup at the house after Matthew.. waiting for Town to p/u debris– guess we’ll be outta here

SPOT people on da’ Pier catching nuttin’

empty nets

Patrick the Irish Setter meets Blackie
and even more empty nets

awaiting Town pickup

pretty well cleaned up
Panorama of the house

kewler and kewler

‘what a revoltin’ development this is’ …as Chester A Riley used to say.. yesterday’s 53* looked good compared to this morning’s 44* at Sunrise.. just plain uglee.. and the fish thought so too.. nada

on the drive to the beach before Sunrise
the Netters are back at it.. arrrrgggghhhh

kewler temps

early mornings are sure getting ‘kewler’  with 53* temps and WNW winds…brrrrr..  fall is definitely here.. tomorrow is forecast for even lower temps in the 40’s.. this is nutz.. luckily the surf water temp is at 73* but dropping like a rock.. 44 years for us today