a nice lunch

skipped the beach at sunrise this morning…did a nice Maryland style lunch..wow…Steamers or for those not from Brooklyn how about Soft Shell Clams  as an appetizer..followed by a Maryland Lump Crab Cake sammich.. I did say ‘sammich’..what a super lunch..wow..


where did the sun go

it sure didn’t come out and play for sunrise this morning..  so a few clouds .. and a couple of  my feathered friends ‘looking for breakfast’

sunny early morning .. rain later in the day–a double Rainbow

after getting blasted by some heavy thunderstorms last nite today’s early morning proved to be a nice sunrise..  a beautiful clear sunny morning at the beach and lake.. on the drive home from the beach I stopped at the lake and ‘wet a line’.. one of two LMB landed..getting a lil’ fatter–the fish that is..  ALL catch & release of course….then the rains came back in mid-afternoon while we were shopping in Myrtle Beach at the mall.. as we were getting ready to drive out of the back end of the parking lot.. there it was– a double Rainbow.. snapped a few off .. got this Panorama with the Note 4

Largemouth Bass–getting fatter–the fish that is

Great Egrets at the Lake


Panorama Double-Rainbow

a sunrise and a gator

a kewler  43* morning at sunrise at the beach.. down to 40th Street.. just all around quiet with a few dog-walkers out and about.. stopped once again at the lake on the drive home…something I’ve never seen a Gator swimming in the Lake in January with 53* water temps..couldn’t believe it.. they are usually in the mud and hunkered down for the winter months.. wet a line once again.. nada with the wind change from the NNE

Gator swimming .. 53* water temps
posing for a snapshot

on over to the beach

at 60* before sunrise with lots of low clouds spoiling it..   a couple of pics then on over to the lake once again.. hooked up and caught 2 more itty bitty LMBass.. they are getting even smaller but I guess I shouldn’t complain..

smaller than yesterday
Turkey Buzzards on their usual water tower perch
a closer view

cloudy.. and ‘wet a line’

a cloudy morning so a non-sunrise at the beach..49*.. stopped at the lake on the drive home from the beach to check out where the Eagles were–no shows..they always show up every year in January.. decided to ‘wet a line’.. caught 2 Largemouth Bass..anything to make the ‘rod bend’ is fine by me.. small but certainly not bad for mid-January.. Catch & Release as always

‘kewler’ but still a pretty early morning

in the high 40’s before sunrise at the beach.. stopped at the lake on the drive home to try my luck and wet a line for a few minutes.. actually had 2 hits on a Yami Worm–no hookups .. mid 60’s thru the afternoon as we spent the day on our regular Sunday shopping trip down to Myrtle.. a nice pleasant day

a rose at the water’s edge

Calabash river before Sunrise
wetting a line at the lake

a foggy sunrise

just the right amount of fog to add to a nice sunrise with the temps finally getting a boost to ‘human levels’.. 50* on this early morning.. it sure beats the 19* of the other day..

sun reflections on houses

online with the PierCam

checking out da’ Pier parking lot

saying Hi