out early

and on over to the beach before sunrise once again… nice morning.. red sky lit up…stopped at the lake on the drive home.. wet a line.. nada.. good photo-ops though


another happy sunny day

just a smiley kinda happy day with the sun shining at the beach… fish at the lake and ICW have shut down though.. who knows why..

so happy  🙂

after 3 days of rain rain and more rain

enuff is enuff already, already…the Sun finally showed itself this early morning as I made my way over to the beach before Sunrise.. some early morning high clouds made way for a nice sunny high 70’s day

Panorama with the Note 4 phone
mini-Panorama 7 pics with Canon 80d
happy to finally see the Sun

Yucca with flowers on the Dunes

just a lil’ ducky today

well.. since being greeted by the quack-quacks yesterday today is turning into a ducky kinda day.. plenty of rain in the forecast thru tomorrow morning.. ugh … a nice I-Tal-Yun dinner tonite.. Pat’s homemade from scratch  pasta -linguine and clam sauce with plenty of garlic…  nothing like fresh homemade pasta

looking for ‘thee Donald’..

… thee other Donald as in Donald D …no sunrise this morning with many clouds moving in as the forecast for the next two days is rain with many thunderstorms… we shall see..  stopped in the parking lot while shopping down in Myrtle Beach and while waiting for thee shopper to return saw these couple of ‘donalds’ among the many laughing gulls milling about..

Sunrise with ‘tourons’ galore

the ‘tourons’ were out and about on this early before sunrise Saturday morning..  you can tell the season has begun.. think it’s time for a cruise.. whatdya’ think.. ya’ never know  🙂   and to top it all off the last few pieces of Pat’s homemade Pizza Rustica is now history.. great lunch.. more next Easter  🙂

sun is shining

a walk on the beach as I met up with a slew of dogwalkers–the usual suspects- down at 40th street.. a stop at sunset beach park at the ICW  to wet a line

Miss Di

Sunset Beach Park on the ICW

Squirrel up a tree

a day trip to Charleston

foggy at the house as I made my way over to Sunset Beach before Sunrise.. no fog as soon as I crossed over the bridge to the island–strange..  a day trip down to Charleston was in order..it turned into a pretty blue sky and sunny day with temps in the mid 80’s.. decided the last minute as we most always do .. a nice 2.5 hour drive south down Rt 17 for us..  had to stop at Costco in Charleston to pick up something they held for us down that way.. it was then off to downtown Charleston for some pics and a walk on the Battery  and Rainbow Row as we usually try to do when we’re down there..

as always click the pics to make them larger

Sunrise on Sunset Beach, NC

jellyfish washed up on the beach

toy abandoned on the beach
sure is foggy down the road from the house

a walk along the Battery

look down and fishees

 colorful restored homes along Rainbow Row and the battery

Battery Park

hay I know you

Carriage rides on tour

restoring a lot of homes right now

Two Meeting Street Inn

Calhoun Mansion grounds

just having fun snapping the fountain

rear gardens Calhoun Mansion

sweet Jasmin in bloom

plenty more Jasmin

could Superman be far behind

a Cottonball wreath

Goldfish at Calhoun Mansion
crossing Charleston’s Ravenel Bridge as we head for home

a non-sunrise

a bit ‘kewler’ temps this morning as I made my way over to the island.. didn’t even get out of my truck at the beach as the low clouds made for a non-sunrise.. decided to try my luck ‘wetting a line’ at the ICW at the park.. nada…  same for the lake.. not a bite…

beach.. ICW .. and the lake

as my usual daily routine,.. at the beach before sunrise then on over to the ICW and the Lake on the drive home..

looks like our sooper-dooper cable-internet-phone company ATMC got hacked today.. lost all connection with emails.. the entire system is out since noon today  and the way it looks they can’t fix it.. UPDATE:  it took ATMC an entire full day to remedy and repair their email servers.. it seems all emails for that time period were lost and not retrievable..what a system..

Blue Heron on the bank
Blue Heron in flight
Green Heron in flight
Red Breasted Woodpecker in front yard