Day 12– Sydney, NS

an 8am arrival in Sydney..   the big news the SUN was shining and NO rain.. lots of blue skies… so that was the big positive for the day..always seems to be raining here..  a walk into town ..a stop at Tim Hortons once again for some free wifi.. got the ‘moose magnet’–success.. gotta love that Big Fiddle


Day 11– Charlottetown, PEI

an early arrival with sunrise at 520am–wow foggy foggy foggy on our approach.. cleared up by the time we docked…into town by 930am.. after pics and more pics on this sunshinny blue sky day 52*..  a stop at Tim Hortons for a pick me up and free wifi.. back thru town with a stop at Cows Ice Cream–Chip Chip HooRay & Mowie Gowie Waffle Cone.. back to the terminal for more wifi then back on the shipo..  it was to the pinnacle for Dinner once again–another freebie– my usual jumbo shrimp cocktail.. lobster bisque and 10 oz filet with berries & zabaynon for dessert..   we skipped the show– a Bagpipe band..  a lil’  bit in the casino and we called it a nite.. the Fitbit was happy—well over 10k steps once again..

Day10– at Sea

the clocks moved AHEAD once again as we go over to Atlantic time sailing northbound on the St Lawrence River toward our next port Charlottetown, PEI..  a cloudy non-sunrise that turned into a clear blue sky day BUT the temps never got out of the high 40’s …friggin’ brrrrr is all I can say… another Mariner’s Lunch with some pics about the ship  .. the sun was shining and this was good.. dinner in the dining room followed by another round of Pub Trivia with friends Allen & Gail…

Day 9- Quebec City

an early before 5am Sunrise  and passing under the Quebec Bridges with about 6 feet of clearance made for another early arrival as we backtrack on this return trip and get to revisit this pretty city once again on this the second half of our cruise this time under sunny blue skies and 60*.. makes for nicer pics..what a pretty day .. a stop at the local ‘marche’–the market — for some bargains then it was a walk thru the lower and upper parts of the city once again..  back to the terminal for some needed free wifi then on up to dinner–it was Gala nite– .. we won Pub Trivia again  then on to the show ‘Heat’ with the ship’s dancers and singers…

Day 8– Montreal

a nice approach to the dock in Montreal.. unfortunately we’re at the temporary cruise terminal about 3 miles north and outside the downtown.. they are rebuilding and updating the Old Cruise Terminal which was super convenient right in the middle of downtown.. had to shuttle to downtown then did a walk thru the city.. wanted to stop by Notre Dame Cathedral and grab some pics.. what a beautiful Cathedral this our third time back to this city…  on to walking the streets ..shops and sidewalk cafes along the Ramblas..  it was back onboard the ship by 1pm as we have an early sailaway as the start of the second half of our cruise begins.. grabbed some wifi from the terminal down below us while on the Lower Prom deck… decided to do the Pinnacle Grill for dinner tonite–why not it’s a freebie one of two we get..  oops make that three  ..we just got another one.. fantastic dinner.. 10 ounce Filet Mignon like I always get..  Lobster bisque with that extra smidge of cognac added.. Jumbo gigundo Shrimp Cocktail…   and a super Pinnacle Grill Manager Padli who we know for a long time.. plus our waiter was Faud who played the guitar and had the craziest laugh way back on our 2013 Europe Maasdam Cruise…

Day 7– Quebec City

an early arrival with some rain had us delay leaving the ship until 10am.. a nice rest of the day as the rains stopped with the sun peaking in & out .. a short walk downtown to Old Quebec.. after about an hour we decided to taken the Funicular– fancy elevator ride to the Upper City..  just a super nice place all around as we visited the Hotel Frontenac..  walking the upper level streets grabbing a nosh here and there.. that darn caramel popcorn got us once again…  a great day then it continued back on to the ship.. first dinner in the dining room followed by Pub Trivia as we ended the first half of this 14 day cruise

Day 6– at Sea

an early sunrise–make that a VERY early sunrise at 425am– as I gathered myself out up and early on up to the Lido Deck aft before the roosters wailed..  calm flat seas as we sail southbound on the St Lawrence River..  no wind..plenty of sea birds flying about.. a nice calm sunrise but it sure was a bit on the chilly side at 43*..yikes.. how does anyone live up this way with temps like that in the end of May..  a relaxing day at sea with the Mariner’s reception at 1030am followed by a Mariner’s lunch in the dining room.

Day 5– Charlottetown Prince Edward Island

a foggy non-sunrise at 530am.. gotta love that ship’s fog horn blasting every minute at that time of the morning.. 43* and who knows what the water temps are way up in this northern tundra.. as we make our approach to Charlottetown, PEI….brrrrrr..  it was off the ship by 930am after the ship was cleared by local immigration..the fog lifted early and it turned into a pretty sunny day with temps in the mid 60’s.. a short walk into town with stops at a number of local shops.. time for some wifi and a nosh at Tim Horton’s…  decided to head back for lunch then back out again..dinner in the dining room followed by our daily Pub Trivia… a special cocktail party after dinner in the Crow’s Nest as we skipped the saxophonist in the showroom.. tomorrow is a day at sea as we sail down the St Lawrence River toward our next port–Quebec City with scheduled arrival on Friday morning..

Day 4– Sydney, Nova Scotia

that’s the ‘other Sydney’…  a 5am Sunrise–spectacular with the ‘sky on fire’ as I went up to the Maasdam’s Sky Deck on the Bow..   ‘red sky in the morning..uh oh’ .. arrival here at the ship by 1030am.. having been here in the past–some good wifi in this cruise terminal..after catchin’up walked into this small town and straight to Tim Horton’s for a needed pick me up..  oink..oink..  winds picked up coming off the water near the port NNW at 25mph..  back on board at 130pm..  tonite it was a Lobster Roll feast in the Lido Market onboard..  along with New England Clam Chowder..  Crab Legs.. Clams.. Mussels..the whole enchilada.. a comedian in the showroom–pretty funny guy–good show

if I did that couldn’t get back up ..kudos to him

Day 3 — Halifax, Nova Scotia

an on time arrival at 9am.. sunny blue skies once again with early morning temps at 43*.. it warmed up nicely as we left the ship by 1015am.. a walk along the waterfront’s boardwalk followed by a nice treat of Cow’s Ice Cream at the very end— Wowie Cowie and Mooey Gooey in a nice waffle cone..decided to walk up the hill stopping at St Mary’s Cathedral-Basilica then continuing up to Halifax Public Gardens and Park.. nicely in bloom..  good photo-ops.. a much easier walk back down the hill toward the cruiseport stopping in for some free wifi and a small lunch at Glodwater’s– lobster roll once again.. tonite’s dining room–Prime Rib was in order.. unfortunately an Irish dance and sing-song show that we skipped.. oy…