another nice morning.. temps were up

t-storms were in the forecast for the day…nada..  a nice early morning at the beach at 40th street even though temps were up to 77*– a lot warmer than the past 2 mornings..looks like the tourons are in for the 4th of July long weekend.. yikes   … and for my rant of the early morning— BTW a winner who is a loser and a disgrace as he shows up to honor Veterans— a draft-dodger is a draft-dodger even when his old man bribes his way out of it…New Yorkers know a con..

Panorama– East meets West

Miss Di


at the beach.. and on the road south

at the beach on this rather ‘kewl’ 64* Wednesday early morning before sunrise.. a stop at the lake for more of the ‘regulars’ out and about

with the weather cooperating nicely and on the kewler side with low humidity decided the last minute to drive down to Charleston for the day .. a nice walk down at Rainbow Row to Battery Park and the old colorful historic homes.. lots of tourists this time of year.. still made for a nice day trip

a fun day all around

another non-sunrise as showers that were in the forecast never developed.. a non-sunrise so it was  a ‘go to’ early morning at the lake.. a ‘fatso’… no not the fisherman …the Largemouth Bass…a 4#’er… BTW caught on my usual– an el-cheapo $1 Wal Mart BuzzBait in Black.. the 3 gators that showed up ran me off.. it was then off to Costco down in Myrtle Beach on our regular Sunday jaunt.. a stop at Bass Pro Shops was also in order..

‘fore’ .. make that about 13 ..or is it 14.. of these rescued dogs that follow their trainer on our golf course at Carolina Shores GC yesterday.. happen to be on the ride home from Costco late this afternoon and saw them on the first tee as we turned into our development.. we decided to ‘follow’ them in my truck on a couple of holes snapping some pics along the way.. on one of the holes spoke to the trainer/owner of — not the friendliest of guys so not  sure about the legitimacy of the local charity that he says provides service dogs for Veterans.. anyway.. have a look.. it was a sight to see and a lotta fun to watch especially the lil’ dood as he brings up the rear–look close

non-sunrise along the causeway on the island
standing tall my 2013 Avalanche

plenty of fiddler crabs in the marsh mudflats
Largemouth Bass– and always catch and release of course
Largemouth Bass   4#
caught the LMB– then the gators showed up

a sight to see

no sunrise.. so it was off to the lake

where I ‘wet a line’ .. a few nibbles.. no catches… looks like the ‘real fishermen’ without a hook and line were on the bank across from me…the 3 Amigos.. or are they the 3 Stooges— an Anhinga drying its wings.. a Great Egret and a smiling Alligator.. a Sunset looking west from our house


overcast early.. rain heading our way

just a horrible looking early morning.. decided to ‘wet a line’ at the ICW by the bridge.. couple of small hits no catches..not a hint of a breeze as the no-see-ums took over.. half an hour+ and I was outta there. saw only one boat launch–no boats fishing by the bridge like it was last least the tide was high and I had some water to plug in…. later in the morning drove up to Shallotte for a lil’ bit of a quik shopping stop.. hit some outrageous rain squalls on the drive home.. sure looked like a T sky forming out of the clouds .. saw the spin but never formed..

a skunk-sunrise

more low clouds for the past few days makes for a non-sunrise once again.. had to do what I could to salvage some pics..

Panorama along the beach

‘Crepuscular Rays’—sunbeams 

a non-sunrise

so no beach this morning.. took a ride over to the island .. checked out Cobia Street.. haven’t been down there in a bunch of years.. sure has changed .. on over to the Park on the mainland at the ICW– wet a line..  super low low tide with little water.. boat ramp and bridge–busy as hell.. thought for sure ‘an accident waiting to happen’.. wild

Cobia Street– Great White Egret
busy   busy busy at the ICW boat ramp and bridge

and oh my.. this is gonna be really really schweeeeeet !   lotsa gold.. lotsa flash .. as a draft dodger eats the weenie.. every wuff wuff has its day.. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall–oh oh how he will fall.. soon to be hooked up! …book’em Dan-O

low low tide

made my way down to 40th street on the beach before sunrise… again no way for surf fishing this AM.. plenty of bait but the water was just eaten up by the low tide..  down to the ICW by the bridge to ‘wet a line’.. over to the lake.. hooked up a gator  nice fight–even got the lure back

Panorama at at sunrise 40th Street