the beach.. and the docks

over to the beach for a ‘slow rising’ Sunrise with all the low clouds.. broke a low temp record for this date this morning 61*.. on the drive back home stopped down at the docks at our next door town Calabash, NC– it sure isn’t as big a fishing mecca as the Sheepshead Bay docks.. our community used to be part of Calabash .. 19 years ago Carolina Shores formed its own town and government .. we’ve been down here 27 years–moved south 3 days after I retired ……/Carolina_Shores,_North_Carolina


a brrrrrr kinda early morning

well almost ..68* before Sunrise at the beach..winds NNE 8-12.. quite unusual low temps for late July around here.. low clouds made for a ‘late sunrise’ as the sun finally popped out 20 minutes late..all in all though a pretty morning.. fishin’ still suxxxx  except for the Osprey catching his breakfast at the lake  🙂  .. also today marks 27 years since I retired from ‘the job’..  and never looked back  🙂

the Sun was hiding.. and other goodies

on this early morning as the forecast calls for afternoon showers…  new skylites got installed in the kitchen this morning.. the beat goes on..

  oh and one more thingy

John McCain.. as a fellow Vietnam Veteran I salute you as a man of principal and a TRUE American War Hero and POW.. you got your pound of flesh earlier this morning sticking it to T whose words will reverberate forever— ‘you are not a real hero’.. this from a POS who was a certified draft dodger– and I emphasize that without the spin I keep on hearing– at the same time I was at the same induction station at Ft Hamilton Brooklyn in May 1966  he never showed up!!!! again.. hats off to John McCain

and now my friggin’ RANT for the day
even as a 50+ year registered Republican I despise ‘T’.. I never changed parties like some people did over the years to suit their fancy… I sure as heck know a ‘con’ when I see one–must be the New Yawker in me..   what his old man and his crooked and fraudulent NYC real estate development company did to my family and many other families in our Coney Island neighborhood in the late 50’s-early 60’s by paying off a city judge and other politicians under the guise of ’eminant domain’ I will never forgive or forget.. most involved were indicted a few years later …like father–like son as T did the same to the people in Atlantic City with his ’eminant domain’ con and then went belly-up 4x .. he is a disgrace to the office of POTUS.. my only hope is that he will one day be in the ‘bracelets’ he deserves along with the rest of his skel family.. book’em dan-o