a lil’ bit more in Saratoga

it sure was cool this early morning.. 50*.. a pontoon boat on Saratoga Lake in the morning..wet a line for nephews kid..caught a few small pike..she was happy..back to the house and on to the Saratoga horse race track for a few races..


and they’re off..

arrived Saratoga Springs this afternoon..met my nephew and his family at Saratoga race track..what a great place

on the road again..

5am..heading out..  I smell horses.. and they’re off..okay  okay.. you’ll never figure it out except some

11am…as we pass by some old familiar places — from 50 years in the past and almost to the day..in the Petersburg  area..  I received my change of station orders from Ft Jackson SC to Ft Lee in Petersburg  .. a lil’ over 7 months later our unit was cruisin’ the high seas crossing the Pacific on the General John Pope..50 years of change in the Petersburg-Hopewell area big time..  we pass by here on all our drives north back to the ‘homeland’..  the trip continues northbound..  BTW T wasn’t onboard that Pacific crossing as he was still in his draft-dodging mode wimpering behind his old man’s tainted money.. why show up now ..he was supposed to be with me at the same induction station at Ft Hamilton, Brooklyn when I raised my right hand ..and continues to be a slimeola POS these days..get the cuffs out.. book’em dan-o

no meteors.. some sun

trying to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower I sure was out and about earlier than usual this morning at 430am.. headed on over and across the bridge to Sunset Beach Island.. a nice dark spot as I parked along the causeway… but way too many clouds ruined any chance of seeing the  Perseid Meteor Shower ..   I guess it’s wait until next year.. Perseid Meteor Shower Info

around 6am decided to stay and stopped at the beach a stones throw away near the Gazebo and Pier  trying to catch the Sunrise.. again the clouds did it in for the most part..  at least the sun popped out a little after some clouds cleared out to partial Blue Skies after the sunrise hour

it sure gets tiring with all this rain in the area.. it’s constant every day with breaks in mid-morning and the afternoon..

all packed.. heading out soon  🙂

not a complete bust..

a nice break from the overnite rain.. I’m sure they’ll be more rain on the way .. these snapped at the Sunset Beach Park along the ICW  .. ahhhh.. then an early afternoon jaunt down to the Mall opposite the nearby Myrtle Beach Airport’s runway for a few pics.. 

‘no sunrise –so improvise’

a dark cloudy dreary early morning before the non-sunrise… Ribbonfish–‘King Mackeral Candy’– plenty of them making the rod bend on the ICW on the lil’ Pier under the Sunset Beach Bridge

looking East along the ICW
Sunset Beach Bridge looking toward the island
looking West down the ICW

storm just off the beach before sunrise

on the drive over to Sunset Beach island along the causeway this early morning before sunrise (ha– never happened)  thought for sure a waterspout would have formed with the type of clouds and the path of this compact storm.. it was running just off the beach in a path from Little River Inlet to the West to Tubbs Inlet to the East.. not one drop of rain fell on the beach.. only 2 cars in the Pier’s parking lot one of them an employee