wetting a line in the surf

low-low tide but decided to plug a short while in the surf.. got out my 10′ Lamiglas.. tried a few of everything.. one good hit .. plenty of mullet minnows all over the place.. fishing still suxxx around here



Sunrise ..Beach..Surf.. Bait..Gator and a Blue Heron

it all comes together.. nice morning on the beach well before Sunrise.. mullet-minnows so thick in the surf you could walk on them..pretty Sunrise.. off to the Lake on the drive home.. a Gator walks over to the Blue Heron fishing.. he stops.. Blue Heron walks right by the Gator.. either he wasn’t hungry or they are best buds  🙂

a walk in the park

decided with the low clouds and a late sunrise a walk in the park would be in order this morning.. no fishing as the only thing that was biting were the mosquitos..  met Jim for coffee at Skats just to shoot the breeze.. sun popped up a bit late as it ‘cleared the low clouds’.. nice day

‘catchin’ the waves’

well.. with the skies overcast it was more lookin’ for some big waves rather than catchin’.. still forecast for 6-9 footers along the beaches–not happenin’.. so I just snapped away down at 38th street and back up around the the Pier area..watched some peeps do some Tai-Chi ..funny thing a nice Korean lady who we know a long time — Moon, once asked me while onboard one of our cruises if I would join her class and do Tai-Chi.. I told her I don’t do Tai-chi..I do Tai-Sit

latest UPDATE on Hurricane Maria–now Tropical Storm Maria– as of 5pm today..  off the coast at sea from Wilmington NC  34.1N  77.5 W

meet and greet at 38th St Dunes walkway

a quiet morning

not that big but rolling over

Sunset Beach Air Force flyin’ low

I’d rather Tai-Sit

we know who this really is

even his buddy can’t stand his big friggin’ blabber-mouth
neat sneaks

Hay.. I know YOU

finished lunch.. heading for exercise classes
all in the pond for a swim

the dark side of sunrise

there was none..  overcast early morning at the beach..fishermen up on the Pier catching small SPOTS as the water starts acting angry with Hurricane Maria heading north and hopefully will stay out at sea

got it
now he doesn’t.. a standoff
the big guy wins

color and a potpourri kinda day

started off well before sunrise this morning as I headed over to the beach.. about 20 minutes before the sun popped up the skies were bursting with color… a nice display.. as it got closer to sunrise the color started to fade as it usually does.. left the beach stopped at the ICW near the boat ramp to ‘wet a line’ as I watched some bubba drop his boat off the back of his trailer halfway down the boat ramp.. thought for sure it would rain today ‘ red sky in the morning stuff ‘.. but it didn’t .. mostly overcast with the sun out off/on thruout the day.. stopped near the Myrtle Beach mall after our regular Costco pit-stop for some snaps of the big birds in flight right near the airport.. an Great Egret here.. ‘Goose-es-es’ there .. all in all a nice day with temps at 84*

beach and birds

at the beach at the Gazebo early this morning–so what else is new– a large bank of low clouds blocked out the sunrise..  on the drive home stopped at the Lake .. Woodstorks all over.. no fish though after wetting a line for a short-short.. ’27’ on a wakeup

oh what a beautiful morning

out ‘dark and early’ this morning well before sunrise.. saw the ‘regulars’ walking their dogs.. seas calm.. again higher than high tides.. and oh what a beautiful day….

it appears we have some unexpected visitors while they were enroute up to Long Island to our nephew’s house.. the 3 bears– Momma Bear..Poppa Bear and the lil’ dood bear— made themselves comfortable in our humble abode ..kicked their paws up and watched the Yankee game today with us..they said they weren’t Cubs or for that matter Bears fans .. sure did make themselves at home.. at least Goldilocks wasn’t with them and the Yankees won

another nice early morning walk on the beach

down to the beach at 40th street this morning.. still a lot of lower cloud cover..   high tide was still over an hour away and it was way up there onto the beach getting pretty close to the dune line ..  seas calmed down some since yesterday morning but I’m sure they will get angry once again as Hurricane Maria now a Cat 5 storm continues to head NNW– about to hit US Virgin Islands tonite and Puerto Rico later on after pummeling Dominica and St Lucia earlier today– not good.. looks as though the Eastern Caribbean will be ‘gone’ after Irma and Maria.. total devastation from what the reports have been